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QC: Bar must open for financial services

A well-known QC yesterday repeated calls for greater liberalisation of the legal profession if The Bahamas to sustain and grow its financial services industry.

Ex-AG: Public owner register is ‘sector killer’

An ex-attorney general yesterday warned that a beneficial ownership registry accessible by the public will be an “industry killer” for Bahamian financial services, and should be “resisted at all costs”.

BPL faces early Shell call on ‘shortfall’ fear

Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) will reach out to Shell to bridge any near-term “shortfall” in Nassau’s power needs due to the recent Clifton Pier fires, it was revealed yesterday.

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Edison Sumner tenders resignation as Bahamas Chamber of Commerce CEO

EDISON Sumner tendered his resignation as director and CEO of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation on Friday following a report this week about his ten-year ban from the securities industry.

Bahamian banker’s life ban on $17m collapse

A well-known Bahamian banker has been barred for life from the securities industry over the “conflicts of interest” and client losses involved in his broker/dealer’s $17m collapse.

Chamber endorses CEO over 10-year securities barring

The Chamber of Commerce last night fully endorsed its chief executive’s performance and integrity after details of his ten-year securities industry ban and total $210,000 fines emerged.Michael Maura, the Chamber’s chairman, in a signed statement desc

Chamber: ‘Think again’ on new BPL plant at Clifton

Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) would be “well advised to consider” if Clifton Pier is suitable for both its current and proposed new power plants, the Chamber of Commerce’s chief executive urged yesterday.

Moving renewable energy ‘beyond talk’

Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) production of an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is “absolutely necessary” to move increased renewable energy usage “beyond talk”, a provider is arguing.

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Stadium costs soared to $43m

The Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium is a waste of taxpayer money that will “never pay for itself”, a Cabinet minister admitted yesterday, amid steps taken to prevent a near-tripling of costs.

Consultants ‘on hold’ amid BPL union uproar

Foreign consultants hired by Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) were last night put “on hold” amid union uproar over a project “critical” to ensuring Nassau residents have reliable power in 2019.

Young accountants reception

YOUNG accountants who recently completed their degree programme were welcomed into the profession by the ...