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Sebas fund no Island Luck 'back door' IPO

The two mutual funds launched yesterday by Sebas Bastian’s new investment house are not an alternative “back door” to an Island Luck initial public offering (IPO), top executives said.

Growth platform laid for Sebas' investment house

Investar Securities’ mutual fund launch is the first step in developing a fully-fledged investment bank, its chairman said yesterday, describing some local investments as “a crap shoot”.

Bran: WTO can't 'take bread from Bahamian people'

The government must ensure it does not “take bread out of the mouths of Bahamians” by taking this country into full WTO membership, the DNA’s former leader said yesterday.

Sandals: Try $30m sexual assault case in The Bahamas

Sandals is urging a New York judge to dismiss a $30m sexual assault claim because it occurred at its Nassau resort and should therefore be heard by a Bahamian court.

'Handicapped' over disabled building access

The level of access disabled people have to Bahamian commercial buildings is “awful” because of an inability to enforce the law, a private sector executive blasted yesterday.

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Bran: Target marijuana, lottery for $1bn boost

THE DNA’s former leader yesterday urged the government to “be bold” and target medical marijuana and a national lottery as industries that can deliver a $1bn economic boost.

Provisional licences available to start-ups

The government last night confirmed that provisional licences are now available to entrepreneurs starting companies in “low-risk” categories.

No proper business ignores the numbers

Statistics play an important role in all business ventures. Every successful business person must be quick and accurate with their decision-making. They must know what their customers want, how best to produce it, and in what quantity. Statistics help a company plan production according to the taste of consumers and the quality of the product.

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BTVI hosts workshop for new AC system

Discount Air Condition Supplies teamed with The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) to host a workshop on a new pre-insulated duct system for central air conditioning systems.

Bahamas increases its China presence

The Bahamas participated in China’s business-to-business tourism industry exhibition for the first time this year in a bid to generate increased visitor traffic from that rapidly-growing market.

Young accountants reception

YOUNG accountants who recently completed their degree programme were welcomed into the profession by the ...