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An episode synopsis for the 13th episode of season four has not been leaked yet, but the ABC Family series has released a promo video for the Halloween treat. The 30-second trailer teases the Oct. 22 episode, and it will definitely send shivers down your spine.
Kicking off the video is a hashtag: #Ezra. But the Rosewood High School teacher’s name has a twist to it -- the “a” at the end of his name is written in the red pen that fans associate with the Liars tormenter, “A.” Is the promo hinting that Aria’s former lover is on the “A” team? Or is “A” trying to recruit him?
The four girls will be heading to neighboring town Ravenswood for what appears to be a Halloween party. Dressed to impress in some odd costumes (we have no idea what they’re supposed to be, but hats seem to be the “in” thing), the group will find themselves tramping through the local cemetery. And they won’t be alone! A quick clip within the first five seconds shows that a person wearing a red coat is also lurking in the shadows.
The “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween episode will find familiar faces returning, such as sorority housemother Mrs. Grunwald. The Ravenswood resident grabs Emily in the video, telling her that she “needs to leave -- now.”
And of course that’s not the only spooky thing happening!
-- A mysterious arm reaches out and grabs Aria’s leg.
-- A bright light blinds the girls in a tunnel.
-- A masked face appears to Hanna in a window.
-- A window shatters close to the girls.
-- Letters on a wall spell out “Help me,” and it’s possibly written by Hanna because -- Hanna disappears on her friends!
-- Ezra shows up (not in costume).
“There’s something seriously weird going on in this town,” Aria tells Emily, Spencer and Hanna. And she appears to be right. You can catch the “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween special on Oct. 22 at 8 p.m. EDT. Following the episode, you can catch the premiere of the ABC Family spinoff series, “Ravenswood.”
How do you think Ezra factors into the episode? Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments section.


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