Bahamian Band On The Rise With New Release

PLATI and the Naykid I, one of the newest Bahamian bands, released their first album, "Dredrock Rising", on Saturday. "Dredrock Rising" represents a combination of sounds from the Caribbean, including Bahamian Junkanoo, Jamaican Reggae and Trinidadian Soca. It also infuses global sounds, like rock n' roll, into the melodies and rhythms. The album is the first for the Bahamian group following various singles and music videos such as "Weego", "I Want To Be A Leader" and the brand new "Steamy Rider", which is set for release next week. Lead singer Tyrone "Plati" Bartlett said the album is very special to him as a man juggling his music ambitions and his career as a medical doctor. "I am trying to create a nexus which unites the Caribbean with the world - not just musically but spiritually as well. I want this album to represent the arrival of Caribbean people to the global conversation about matters of the planet and to share in the concerns of the future of our world," said Plati. Plati said he uses his music to create awareness about the Caribbean and wants to send a message of unity and strength. He said he creates music with a message, music with meaning and music that transcends boundaries. "My music represents a fusion of all the popular world genres into a singular voice. It represents a disintegration of boundaries, both musically and geographically, into a one mind global consciousness," he said.


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