Boy, 16, denied bail in murder case

By LAMECH JOHNSON Tribune Staff Reporter ljohnson@tribunemedia.net TWO men and a juvenile were remanded to prison yesterday after being arraigned in connection with two homicides. In the first of three arraignments before Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez, a 16-year-old boy was charged with the death of Deangelo Thurston, the country's 19th homicide victim. It is alleged that on Saturday, February 25, the young man shot and killed the Third Street, Coconut Grove resident. The victim was found dead in a night club on Cordeaux Avenue and Key West Street. The teen also faced an attempted murder charge. It is alleged he shot Darrell Armbrister in the club on the same night. The prosecution also alleged 22-year-old Craig Davis abetted the juvenile in the murder of Thurston. The pair were not required to enter pleas to the charges. They were informed by the chief magistrate that the prosecution would present them will a Voluntary Bill of Indictment on May 24, forwarding the case directly to Supreme Court for trial. Davis made claims of police brutality when given the chance speak by Chief Magistrate Gomez. He said: "I was beaten dead bad and forced to sign a statement I couldn't even read cause I can't read good." Krysta Mason-Smith, attorney for the teenager, made similar complaints. She then requested he be taken to hospital for treatment, and the chief magistrate made an order for both men to see a doctor. The attorney also asked that her client be remanded to the Simpson Penn Centre for Boys instead of prison, but the prosecution objected on the basis that there have been frequent escapes from the facility in recent times, and said they consider the accused to be a flight risk. The prosecutor added that young men of the same age charged with similar serious crimes were also held at the prison. Chief Magistrate Gomez said he would follow up on reports of construction being done at Simpson Penn and fixed a hearing for March 13 to decide based on his findings where the teen would be held until the end of the trial. In the meantime, he remanded both to Her Majesty's Prison, Fox Hill. Aldreco Miller, 22 was the last defendant to be remanded to prison following his arraignment on a murder charge. It is claimed that he killed 19-year-old Renardo Minnis on Monday, February 27. Miller was not required to enter a plea to the charge. The accused also made claims of being beaten by police and said he did not understand how officers could "pick me up off the road and charge me with a murder" he knew nothing about. Chief Magistrate told the accused he would surely receive a fair trial, before remanding him to prison until completion of the trial.


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