Cheating Defined: Men And Women Share Views On How Far Is Too Far

By JEFFARAH GIBSON Tribune Features Writer AT the "Straight Talk No Chaser" event held in January, the seven male panelists engaged an all-female audience in raw, uncensored conversations about what really goes on in the hearts and minds of men. What are some of the key factors that cause men to lie? This question was posed to the panelist during the 20-minute debate, under the cheating. The panelists varied in their responses, but Dr Kwesi Smith, a veterinarian, stood out as the lone-ranger with his views on cheating. In summary, he said, casual sex with no strings attached is not cheating. In his opinion, developing a strong emotional attachment for another person is cheating. "Sex is just sex and we do not see it as nothing more. We cheat just because we can. That is the most basic reason why we cheat. If a man sees a nice, fine, looking woman, he is attracted to her and he knows he can sleep with her without his woman ever finding out, he will do so," said Dr Kwesi. Women argued, this understanding was invented by men to avoid accountability. "To say that having sex is not cheating is a bunch of bull crap. I do not care what no one has to say. Men just say that so that we could be cool with them doing whatever they feel like. But if you drop your pants and find yourself between the legs of another woman you are cheating," said Sheena, in an interview with Tribune Woman. "The whole point of being in a relationship is to be with one person and if you still wish to have affairs with other people then you do not need to be in a relationship," she said. Michelle said: "I think it is bad enough if you go out, get drunk and sleep with someone who was a one time thing. But if you are constantly seeing that person calling them and building a relationship with them and they are taking up the role only your wife or girlfriend should be playing then that is a million times worse." Basil told Tribune Woman couples should not conform to the norms of society, rather make and follow their own rules that suits their needs. "Who is to say what is cheating from what is not. Society has forced these beliefs on us and we think we have to conform to those views. Every couple should establish what is right for them. So if having sex with other people is not a problem for them, then it is not a problem, but they should not allow people to dictate right and wrong," he said.


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