Evacuation Over Gas Leak Alert

By CELESTE NIXON Tribune Staff Reporter cnixon@tribunemedia.net THE historic buildings surrounding Rawson Square had to be evacuated yesterday because of a suspected gas leak. The Prime Minister, his cabinet, as well is employees of the tourism, cruise ship port and Churchill buildings all had to leave. According to police, the buildings north of Bay Street were evacuated at about 11.40am when staff became alarmed after noticing a potent smell. It was reported the cabinet ministers left the scene shortly after 12.30pm. They resumed their meeting later when the matter was resolved. At about 2pm the area was given the all clear and the square resumed business as usual. "Safety is of the utmost importance," said a policewoman at the scene. Dozens of employees and cruise ship passengers could be seen standing on the west side of Rawson Square while police and fire fighters continued their investigations. While some passengers were concerned about temporarily not being allowed back on the ships, other seem unfazed by the situation. A visitor from Florida said his family was not concerned and they would continue to enjoy their visit to the Bahamas. Police later said that the source of the smell was later identified to be an open valve on a propane gas tank on a barge near the wharf. It was closed off by officers.


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