Generations Junior Angler tournament 'great success'

The Generations Junior Angler Tournament was hosted by Green Parrot, Harbourside Marine and Bahamas Sportfishing Network in June last year. The concept of this tournament was designed to allow the youth of the Bahamas to be involved in a fishing tournament as well as provide an exciting opportunity to enjoy, learn and experience sportfishing alongside seasoned fishermen and other young, hopeful fishermen. The tournament hosts also invited the Ranfurly home youth to join in the experience. The Ranfurly youth were placed with various fishing teams where they boarded ship with rods and reels in hand ready to enjoy everything that the Jr Angler Tournament had to offer. There was tremendous support and involvement from the business community and all proceeds were donated to the Ranfurly home. The great success of this tournament proves that it will be an annual event. Team entries were O'Mahi, Lone Star, Fishin Technician, Harbourside, Divorcenator, Reel Tight, Joseph's Boat, Fish Heads, Too Reel, Hakuna Matata, Maple Leaf, A Deck, Sweet P, Fox Lady, Johny Walker ll and Paws to Fish.


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