Kendal 'Would Not Be Ousted'

By CELESTE NIXON Tribune Staff Reporter cnixon@tribunemedia.net THE FNM has denied reports that claimed Clifton MP Kendal Wright was given an ultimatum that if he voted against the Constituencies Commission Boundary Report, he would be ousted from the party. Speaking with The Tribune yesterday, Party Whip Brensil Rolle said claims that Mr Wright was told if he voted against the Constituency resolution he would be removed from the Free National Movement (FNM) is "absolutely not true." He said: "To my knowledge no such ultimatum was given." Mr Wright refrained from voting on the boundary changes in the House of Assembly on Wednesday, igniting reports that he was pressured by the governing party to either support the resolution or not vote at all if he were to remain in the party. Political sources claimed Mr Wright had been told that if he voted "no" to the resolution he would no longer be welcomed in the FNM. Refuting these claims, however, Mr Rolle said Mr Wright is a member of the FNM, a democratic organisation where its members are allowed to speak their mind. Mr Rolle said as the Clifton representative Mr Wright had to take the lead from his constituents and their opinions on the proposed changes. During his passionate contribution to the Parliamentary debate on the commission's report this week, Mr Wright said he understood the process but expressed disappointment that the majority side did not speak to him about their plans to eliminate his constituency before the information was made public. "You could cut Clifton, I understand that, go ahead and cut your boundary lines, do what you want to do but I say this ... at least somebody should let you know that there is going to be an eradication or delimitation, but that's all right," said the MP. He added: "I'm for progress, and make no mistake about it, I do not plan to come here and say it was all right because it's not all right for Clifton - you got be kidding me." Mr Wright said as a courtesy he should have been informed of the proposed boundary changes before they were made public knowledge. "At least extend me some courtesy, you could change the boundaries but don't tell me till after!" he remarked. The resolution was passed, subject the three amendments, giving effect to the proposals put forward by the Constituencies Commission. The three modifications included the elimination of the St Cecilia name as opposed to the Englerston name which was proposed by the commission; Bain and Grants Town will become Bains Town and Grants Town; and Central and South Andros, as proposed in the report, will become Mangrove Cay and South Andros.


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