Ministerial Talks Over Immigration

HAITIAN Foreign Affairs Minister Laurant Lamothe met with Bahamian Foreign Affairs Minister Brent Symonette and Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest to discuss immigration matters and trade opportunities. Mr Lamothe is a member of the delegation of Haitian President Michel Martelly, who engaged in a series of meetings with government officials yesterday. Thanking the Bahamian people for hosting the delegation, Mr Lamothe said he is very excited to re-energise the bilateral relations between Haiti and the Bahamas. He said: "We feel that we have a lot in common, there are a lot points to develop, especially in the area of trade negotiations, and we are going to review some migration issues. "We feel that Haiti has a lot of good things happening and we are here to talk about them - investments are now happening especially in the northern side of the Haiti that will have a positive impact on the region." Mr Symonette said the Bahamas government looks forward to continuing to build on the diplomatic foundations that already exist, and strengthening the relationship with Haiti for a better future. "We are pleased with the drive the government has taken since the bad effects of the earthquake," he said. "We trust discussions will be fruitful and we will move forward with a better working relationship." This trip is President Martelly's first official visit to the Bahamas since he was elected last April. Speaking with members of the Haitian community at a packed Church of God auditorium on Farrington Road on Tuesday night, President Martelly said he is working to bring international investment and further employment opportunities to Haiti. According to Mr Martelly, the Bahamas government was engaged in discussions with Haiti about importing mangoes prior to the 2010 earthquake. He said during his visit, he hopes to resume talks regarding the export of agricultural produce from Haiti.


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