Oscar Fashion Police

By Lesh and Farah, and guest starring Brittany IT WAS Hollywood's most glamorous night - the 84th Academy Awards. The red carpets of all award shows this season have been leading up to this, the Super Bowl of fashion. While most stars kept their styles tame this year, there were still some gorgeous standouts as well as some terrible faux pas. Let's take a look: * Berenice Bejo ( "The Artist") in Ellie Saab Haute Couture Farah says: I love her beautiful smile! Lesh says: Well, I like the top part of the dress and the flow of it, not so much the material though. Brittany says: I loved it. It was really nice. * Jessica Chastain ( "The Help", "Tree of Life") in Alexander McQueen Resort Farah says: This dress is hideous, looked like a concoction by the Harry Potter designers. Lesh says: I don't like the fact that the dress is making her look extra pale, and that is not cute at all. Brittany says: She looked like the witch from Narnia. *Viola Davis ( "The Help") in custom Vera Wang Farah says: This was just not appealing. For some reason, her breasts are always popping out of her dresses. Nice hair colour though. Lesh says: Oh my goodness Viola, must you always give me something to talk about when you step foot on these red carpets? Great actress and all that good stuff, but her stylist never does her justice when it comes to her appearances. I don't like anything about this outfit, neither her hair or make-up, seriously Viola, you need to stop. Brittany says: She looked plain and she should never wear a strapless dress because she has a lot of cleavage. * Octavia Spencer ( "The Help") in custom Tadashi Shoji Farah says: This dress looked like a sheer curtain with embellishments. And must she always look 30 years older than she really is. Come on man, she could do much better than this. Thankfully her Oscar win overshadowed this mess. Lesh says: I feel like I'm always seeing her in the same thing, always! Brittany: I thought her dressed fit her perfectly. * Michelle Williams ( "My Week With Marilyn") in Louis Vuitton Farah says: My co-worker thought this was the most beautiful dress of the night. Right after she said that I crucified poor Michelle. Ladies, if you are looking for wedding cake ideas this is perfect. It looked like a wedding cake, I am sorry. Lesh says: I like the necklace, everything else.....fail! Brittany: I think she looked nice but she should have chosen a coral purse to match the dress. * Jennifer Lopez ( "American Idol") in Zuhair Murad Farah says: This dress was the BUSINESS! What more can I say, gorgeous. BEST DRESSED of the night. Lesh says: From the moment I saw J-Lo walk the carpet I knew she was best dressed, I didn't even have to watch any more arrivals. Everything just looks so A-plus; the hair, the make-up, the clutch, everything! Brittany says: She looked exquisite! * Melissa McCarthy ( "Bridesmaids") in Marina Rinaldi Farah says: This colour was very beautiful, but it looked as though she was ready to fly away any moment on the red carpet with those big sleeves. Lesh says: NEXT, sorry. Brittany says: I thought the dress was nice, but it does not suit her. * Gwenyth Paltrow ( "Iron Man") in Tom Ford Haute Couture Farah says: Another best dressed. She looked so edgy. Gwenyth is definitely stepping her game up. Did not know she had that much fashion potential. Lesh says: I'm a little on the fence about the cape thing, but other than that, it's nice. Brittany says: She looked gorgeous! * Rooney Mara ( "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo") in Givenchy Haute Couture Farah says: LOL! Lesh says: This is an overall disaster. It looks like a night gown, or a very old curtain. Brittany says: I think she looks emo. * Meryl Streep ( "The Iron Lady") in Lanvin Farah says: This dress was not that hideous! Lesh says: It looks kind of "Christmas-y" to me. Brittany says: It is a nice colour, but looked a little too big for her. * Angelina Jolie ( "Maleficient") in Atelier Versace Farah says: Those red lips popped. Angelina was nothing but HOTNESS on the red carpet. Lesh says: Not the best dressed, but I loved how Angelina rocked this dress, she made it WORK! She almost looked like a wax figure in her all her photos on the red carpet, she was so poised and everything. Brittany says: She looked nice and the red lipstick really stood out.


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