Pinder back in role

EDITOR, The Tribune. AS A resident of Spanish Wells I have waited now for a week to see if any of the PLP loudmouths and some Internet site called Bahamas Press - who carried on in the media and also in Parliament back in July about the fact that they had finally gotten rid of Abner Pinder as the Chief Councillor for Spanish Wells and he had been replaced by one of their people, Gilbert Pinder - and none of them have been decent enough to admit that Gilbert Pinder had resigned since sometime in December 2011 and now Abner Pinder has had to come back as Chief Councillor to take care of the people of Spanish Wells the way that he did before. It is really no surprise because they always refuse to admit it when they make a BOO-BOO. Everyone knows this to be a fact. A SPANISH WELLS RESIDENT Spanish Wells January 18, 2012. (Mr Abner Pinder was recalled to his post and sworn in as Spanish Wells' chief councillor on Thursday, January 12, after the resignation of Gilbert Pinder, manager of Ronald's Service Centre and campaign general for PLP North Eleuthera candidate Clay Sweeting. Gilbert Pinder defeated Abner Pinder for the post in June last year. It was Mr Abner Pinder's first defeat in 15 years. Gilbert Pinder (PLP) is now out, and Abner Pinder (FNM) is back in. -- Ed).


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