Shocking twist as top 24 revealed!

By LESH AFTER the long and drawn out process of audition episodes, viewers finally got the chance to see their favorite top 24 contestants revealed. Now the competitors are singing for America's votes, they are just a few steps closer to becoming the next American Idol winner. During the two-hour show last week, one by one, each contestant made "the walk" to their final judgment as they all approached judges; Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Sharing her views on the show, AI fan Dion Hanna said: "I think the show is pretty interesting so far, it keeps me wanting more. I think the judges are weird though, I am still not use to the combination of J lo, Steven and Randy, they just don't seem to mesh. But the show is very interesting, I cant say that I am in love with the show, but I am going to continue watching it." Another fan, Cindy Bethel said: " I love American Idol, I haven't missed a year in idol, so I plan to watch this entire season. Besides, I think Steven Tyler rocks, him and J Lo, we can lose Randy though. I've been watching the show but I still have not come to grasp with who is my favourite, it's been like an off and on roller coaster ride." Recapping the most memorable contestants who have safely made it through, we remember country singer Skylar Laine. At only 17 years old, she blew the judges away after her rendition of Reba McEntire's "Fancy." Who can forget the funny and animated contestant Heejun Han? For the first time in this season's competition, we got to see him put his pride aside and break down in tears as the judges all give him a well deserving pass on to the next round. Just when everything was going smooth, we also got to see some of the most shocking cuts which almost left you speechless. Among those unlucky hopefuls stood Jermaine Jones, Jonny Keyser, Richie Law and David Leathers (Mr Steal Yo Girl). In a surprising twist as the show came to a close, host Ryan announced that one of the four contestants will be will be given a second chance and invited back into the competition as a "wildcard pick contestant". After watching the episode, AI fan Alaina Spencer said: "I am still hoping they bring David back on to the show. I mean I am used to seeing all the crying and heartbreaks from the contestants but it really hurt me when "Mr Steal Yo Girl" was sent home. The little guy is so charming and not to mention talented!" Live voting for the season started last night and will continue tonight, as the top 24 contestants, including the wildcard contestant, will take to the stage to perform their hearts out for America. Top 24 Contestants Elise Testone Heejun Han Eben Franckewitz Shannon Magrane Deandre Brackensick Colton Dixon Skylar Laine Brielle Von Hugel Jeremy Rosado Adam Brock Aaron Marcellus Creighton Fraker Erika Van Pelt Baylie Brown Chelsea Sorrell Joshua Ledet Hollie Cavanaugh Jessica Sanchez Reed Grimm Hallie Day Phillip Phillips Jen Hirsh Chase Likens Haley Johnson


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