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Tribune Woman headed to the streets of Nassau to document what Bahamians are saying about rape within the context of marriage. Patricia Hinsey "Yes there should be a law for to protect woman if they are raped by their husbands, but if they are getting treat good then no. In marriage, if you don't want to have sex then you don't have too and if he tries just beat him up. If a woman is tired and just came home from work and doesn't feel like having sex then she doesn't have too." Nikita "There should be a law to protect woman if they are raped by their husbands, because men don't own women; they can't think they can get it anytime. Not everything should become theirs when they get married, woman should still have some self respect. It's like he is controlling you if you can't say no to him. A woman should have the right to say whatever she wants to say." Adra Laroda "Rape is rape and I think if your husband forces himself on you, if it is against your will then it is wrong and I consider it to be rape, even though you are married." Cynthia 'Mother' Pratt "I don't support that. I don't understand how we will be able to prove spousal rape. I am not saying it doesn't happen but how do we prove it. I don't think it's an issue that is complained about on a large scale; maybe an issue here and an issue there. You can easily set up a man for various reasons, I just don't see how you can prove a marital rape, who would be the witnesses? I am a Christian and I believe in the Bible when it says 'wives submit to your husbands' and that includes the bedroom, the man and woman becomes one when they get married." Mrs Huyler "I agree with Branville because when two people are married there should be no mix up. That's your wife and you should really be open to your husband. I don't see it as being rape if you are married. A woman should not even talk that. That sound's stupid, because that's your husband." Men's Voices (NO IMAGES) "I disagree with Branville because something like the marital rape law should be passed because sometimes people get married, live together but they still don't see eye to eye, and these are people who are living together for years and years as man and wife." - Stanley Knowles "My views on that is a woman should not be protected by her husband because they are married and both one flesh and that is how they should be together." - Anthony Lindsay "Sex should be consensual, not because you are married that mean you have to. She can be tired and you can be tired, it goes both ways." - Johnathan Edwards


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