What Now For Russell?

By CELESTE NIXON Tribune Staff Reporter cnixon@tribunemedia.net FORMER Cabinet Minister Kenneth Russell's political future is uncertain as matters remain unresolved. Speaking with the media yesterday, Mr Russell said High Rock constituents were informed on Sunday by FNM party members, that he would not receive the FNM nomination for the 2012 elections. "They were told in no uncertain terms that the party would not nominate me to run in the next election," Mr Russell said. The prime minister met with the FNM's High Rock Council in Grand Bahama over the weekend to explain in detail why he recently fired Housing Minister Mr Russell from his cabinet. Mr Ingraham also invited members to put forward names of candidates which the FNM party could consider for the new East Grand Bahama seat in the next general election. During the meeting, Mr Ingraham stated that the party is always in search of new and additional talent and that was the purpose of asking Mr Russell to step aside. The Prime Minister said he spoke with Mr Russell himself and informed him that after the next election, if the FNM was successful, he did not intend to put him back in Cabinet, and suggested that he step aside so the party could nominate someone else. "I made him an offer of what will happen for him if he did that. He told me he would get back to me next week," Mr Ingraham said. Following talks with his constituency members, Mr Russell said his main goal was to see that their right to review persons and present at least two names to the party, for the party to make a final decision on the ratification of a candidate, was secured. He said: "What I requested was a fair and democratic selection process for the constituencies in Grand Bahama and I believe that we have gotten that based on the prime minister's statement." When asked if he would run as an independent for the new East Grand Bahama seat if not given the FNM nomination, he said if matters are not resolved he would have to look at his options, however, as of right now he has not made any decisions on the matter. "When I reach that crossroad then I will make a decision," he said. "I do not know what I am going to do yet - as far as I am concerned I am still an FNM and I will remain one until something happens."


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