What people on the street think ahead of election

WITH the general election just weeks away, The Tribune hit the streets to find out which party people think will form the next government of the Bahamas. Shevette Black, 25, teacher I think the FNM will win. They have new and innovative ideas and they have been trying to reach the young people. They've been trying to get ideas from the young people - the majority of voters are between 18-25. They have the youth initiatives, the job initiatives, and they really try to educate the public." Samuel Rodgers, 27, Pinewood I think the FNM failed on crime and jobs for Bahamians. Pablo Smith, 33, Yamacraw I really don't know, it's going to be close. I think the DNA is going to make it very interesting. Tiffany Smith, 38, Seabreeze The PLP is going to win, that's just how I feel. Bahamian people ain't gonna be stupid like last time - at least I hope! Nadja Saunders, 40, Golden Isles I hope the FNM remains the government but I know it's going to be close. This is going to be a tight one. TMJ Beneby, 50, Killarney There are a lot of persons that feel disenfranchised by the current government, some may feel that they need an alternative. I think the DNA is going to affect several of the seats the government holds, because supporters of the government may not be satisfied or feel they want a change but they don't want to vote for the PLP. Anonymous In my opinion, and this is across the board, it's not how smart you are in this country but it's who you know. You could work really hard in school, you could be really smart, really good at what you do and still starve at night in the Bahamas. It's not fair. If I had a vote, the only vote should be put down for Jesus. He never asked what political party you voted for. After elections, everybody gonna ask: 'Who's your MP? Who's your MP?'


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