Your Lawyer Is A Must

By MIKE LIGHTBOURN YOU'VE entered into a contract to buy a home at a price you can afford. Is it time to celebrate? Not quite yet. At least not until some important details are addressed to help speed the transaction toward a successful closing. Even seemingly uncomplicated contracts can run into last-minute delays that could cause the whole deal to collapse. One issue has to do with title. From time to time, a lawyer may discover that the seller might have a slight defect in the title. For example, there may be a missing renunciation of dower from an earlier transaction when dower was an issue. Many other minor defects could pop up that need to be attended to. This is why it is important to use an experienced lawyer. Your lawyer will do a title search to make sure "all the ducks are in a row". If a home is being sold with some of the furnishings and appliances then these need to be spelled out. A list of these chattels needs to be agreed to so that there are no surprises when a buyer moves in. Don't take it for granted that the beautiful Eddie Minnis painting in the dining room is included in the sale. Also, it is imperative that the utilities are turned over to the new owner and all outstanding amounts are paid in full. Mike Lightbourn is president of Coldwell Banker Lightbourn Realty


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