Money Isn't Everything On The Declarations - Sometimes It's All About The Plants

FOLLOWING each Nomination Day, when hopefuls become official general election candidates, the public eagerly anticipates the publication of their financial assets.

These documents reveal a candidates net worth, total assets, total income and property, among other things.


Former DNA candidate for Bain and Grants town Rodney Moncur

Among the 133 general Election 2012 candidates, a few stood out - including the DNA's Bain and Grants Town candidate Rodney Moncur, who listed as property a New Oxford Dictionary valued at $500, a $300 Sapodilla tree and three Tamarind trees valued at $900.

Mr Moncur's plant list went on: he declared two Mango trees and two Coconut trees valued at $1,200, two Guinep trees worth $600, four Pear trees at $1,200, and a $300 Hog Plum tree among others - worth a total of $6,170.

He declared an income of $60 per week and a total income of just over $4,000.

Mr Moncur's total assets were valued at $371,370.

Meanwhile, Ali McIntosh, Bahamas Constitution Party leader, declared no current accounts, no securities, no life insurance, no automobiles, and no salary.

She did however list $17,400 worth of property and a $9,050 gift, for a net worth of $20,562.

Disclosures also require the endorsing signatures of at least five of a candidate's constituents.

Among the heavy-weights in that category were Shane Gibson, the PLP's Golden Gates incumbent.

Mr Gibson recorded a whopping 67 signatures, while Norris Bain and Perry Gomez both had more than 20.


Arob 6 years, 2 months ago

Unless Mr. Moncur's "plants" were assessed by an agriculturist or qualified assessor (like the persons who assesses Rocky Farm Nursey), his declaration is questionable. I will give Mr. Moncur the "benefit of the doubt" -- Perhaps the Tribune's writer failed to mention who confirmed the value of Mr. Moncur's assets.


Victor 6 years, 2 months ago

If Mr. Moncur really thinks his plants are worth that much money, I suggest that he might actually have some other valuable plants in his back yard that might be influencing his ability to think clearly. I suspect, though, that he did it knowing it would make people talk about him.


C_MonMan 6 years, 2 months ago

If the current times were not so serious I would just laugh at the jokes. However, the current times are just too serious to turn a blind eye on the folly that has become the DNA. Maybe their time will come, but in my view it is just not now. Also, it certainly does not help that neither the leader or any other follower have given the slightest clue that they have even a passing and surface knowledge of the underlying issues. One must bear the cross before one wears the crown my friend. This thing ain't no joke or looking pretty and smiling contest.


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