Who Tief A Bit Of Nassau?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Re: "Li'l Ole Nassau"

ASK any Bahamian: "What is the size of New Providence?" Invariably you will be told "21 by 7". Wrong answer! The length of our "Island Paradise" is just over 18.5 statute miles (16 and a bit nautical miles)! Don't believe me; check it out on Google Earth or a chart plotter!

At best, we can't account for almost five miles of beach front property (if you count both sides)?

"Dis be serious tings!"

So who "tief" a piece of Nassau? Did the PLP do another sneaky deal? Did "Bluewater" get shares? Was it sold for oil exploration? Perhaps the Chinese bought it and have stashed it away somewhere under the new embassy?

As a voter these questions immediately sprang to mind. But then I thought -- maybe I'm being overly cynical - maybe "Li'l Ole Nassau done shrink from too much money laund'rin"?



April 24, 2012.


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