Total number of crimes down on last year


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THE number of reported crimes so far this year has fallen in comparison to the same period last year.

Police statistics show rape, murder, burglary and housebreaking are lower than last year, but robbery and armed robbery are up.

The data measures reported crimes from January 1 through April 24 of this year compared to January 1 through April 24 of last year.

Overall findings indicate that in the first four months of the year, there has been a drop in the number of crimes against property and a one per cent increase in the number of crimes against persons.

As of April 24, the murder count stands at 40, in comparison to 42 in April 24 2011. Attempted murder has also dropped to three, from five.

There have been no reported cases of manslaughter, on par with last year.

Rape reports also took a slight dip to 33 from 35 and unlawful sexual intercourse investigations stand at 60, in comparison to 63 in 2011.

There have been 347 reported armed robberies, compared to 333 last year, and 120 reported robberies compared to 111.

There have been 14 attempted robberies reported, the same number as in 2011.

In all, there were 619 reported crimes against the person so far in 2012, compared to last year's 612, representing a one per cent increase.

Burglary took a dip to 86 reported cases from last year's 88, while housebreaking stands at 932 compared to last year's 1,102.

Shopbreaking reports fell to 236 compared to 328 and stealing fell to 558 from 596.

The number of reported thefts from vehicles, however, is higher than last year.

There have been 830 reported instances of theft from a vehicle compared to last 740 in 2011.

Reports of actual stolen vehicles have fallen to 367 from 389.

There were 3,009 reported crimes against property for the first few months of 2012, in comparison to last year's 3,243, representing a seven per cent decrease.

Overall, reported crimes between January 1 to April 24 have decreased by six per cent over that period last year - to 3,628 from 3,855.


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