Video emerges of alleged FNMs removing PLP signs

Youtube video emerged this morning showing men removing campaign signs placed at what appears to be the new six legged roundabout. Voices in the video allege that the men taking down the PLP signs are FNMs and call them "goons" in the video's title.

The PLP recently began a billboard campaign showing the country's murder rate under the FNM administration.



B_I_D___ 11 years, 12 months ago

While I totally disagree with removal of any opposition party signs, I DO disagree with the billboards spouting murder rates and such. This is a tourist destination people. How do you think the tourists feel coming to their dream vacation and driving around seeing signs with murder counts stuck up everywhere? I agree that they can and should use that in their political arguments, but let's do it a bit more tactfully than shoving it in the faces of our tourist dollars.

Just my humble opinion.


BigD1 11 years, 12 months ago

This is great. Now that you have it on tape take it to the police because this is a crime as the signs are private property. Hopefully the persons who recorded this has reported the matter to authorities. But seriously, billboards can't vote....but billboards with the murder count in a tourist destination can hurt an industry trying to recover. Or maybe that was the point...destroy tourism in order for us to rely on oil drilling to boost the economy.....interesting


Victor 11 years, 12 months ago

Rather weirdly, I am seeing a campaign ad for US Senator Sherrod Brown on this page. But no-one should be taking down other people's signs. Save your desire to do that for after the election because it seems that no one wants to take them down, then.


bahamiangal 11 years, 12 months ago

Maybe I'm missing something, but where does it show in this video that this is a PLP sign? How do we know this isn't a setup and this is in fact PLP's taking down an FNM sign and these goons filming are with the guys taking down the signs??? Bunch of nonsense and scandal. People, focus on what your canditate's plans are, real facts and how we need to move our country forward in a positive way!!!


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