Political Vandals Caught On Youtube



A VIDEO depicting alleged Free National Movement supporters removing PLP political posters went viral on social media yesterday, sparking a wave of public response.

Hundreds of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tribune242 users posted their reactions to the footage.

While many agreed that the PLP should not have used murder statistics to their advantage, at the possible expense of the tourism industry, some defended the PLP's right to tell the truth.

'BID' posted on Tribune242: "While I totally disagree with removal of any opposition party signs, I do disagree with the billboards spouting murder rates and such.

"This is a tourist destination people. How do you think the tourists feel coming to their dream vacation and driving around seeing signs with murder counts stuck up everywhere?

"I agree that they can and should use that in their political arguments, but let's do it a bit more tactfully than shoving it in the faces of our tourist dollars."

'Bahamiangal' wrote on Facebook: "Where does it show in this video that this is a PLP sign? How do we know this isn't a setup and this is in fact PLP's taking down an FNM sign and these goons filming are with the guys taking down the signs?

"Bunch of nonsense and scandal. People, focus on what your candidate's plans are, real facts and how we need to move our country forward in a positive way."

Victor posted on Tribune242: "Name me another country that advertises their murder rate. It's simply unthinkable! The PLP is running the filthiest campaign of all time. What's next?"

A Twitter user wrote: "I could believe the FNM did it. I can also believe the PLP would take down their own signs - they all desperate."

The murder rate signs were strategically placed over the last few weeks beside FNM billboards at the six-legged round about on Thompson Boulevard, Montagu Beach and Coral Harbour.

The signs disclose crime statistics, youth unemployment numbers and the projected cost overrun of the New Providence Infrastructure Improvement Project in very large print.


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