Where The Pm Goes, The Plp Follows

EDITOR, The Tribune.

We are quickly approaching May 7th. It is amazing to me that the PLP continue to follow the Prime Minister wherever he goes to have a rally. One would think that the PLP would want their message to be heard by all and sundry in hopes of changing some FNM’s mind, but it appears they are playing follow the leader because they are afraid that some of their supporters might accidentally hear what the Prime Minister has to say and be persuaded by the truth.

It is amusing to me to know that Perry has been to Lower Bogue twice and he, nor Clay Sweeting could tell the fishermen of Spanish Wells and Eleuthera what their plan was to help them until the Prime Minister had a rally in Lower Bogue on Wednesday, April 18th, and he told everyone what the FNM’s plan was and how many boats and recruits the Defence Force would be getting during the FNM’s next term in office.

On Thursday, April 19th, the PLP held a rally in Hatchet Bay and it sounded to me like Perry had copied the Prime Minister’s speech and was telling it to the people almost verbatim. To be able to say he did not copy the Prime Minister’s speech he altered some of the numbers of boats and recruits and that was it.

I listened in amazement at Clay’s speech in Governor’s on April 25th as he told the people of Eleuthera and the Bahamas about the sad state of Alice Town, Eleuthera, and tried to make it sound as if Alice Town’s problems had been created by the FNM. Well someone in the PLP should have given him a lesson on the history of Eleuthera.

Eleuthera in general, Alice Town and Hatchet Bay in particular was thriving and flourishing when the PLP came to power and the prosperity in Eleuthera was destroyed by the PLP.

Any Bahamian over the age of 45 years can easily remember when Hatchet Bay supplied Nassau with almost all of the chicken, eggs and ice cream that was consumed in the city and now Clay says they are going to restore Alice Town to its “glory days.” Please don’t make me laugh.

The PLP are so afraid of Eleuthera that they have resorted to having to put the former Bishop Gomez on the political platform in Governor’s Harbour to beg the people of Central and South Eleuthera to vote for Damien. ( Shame, Shame, Shame).

The people of Eleuthera have seen what the FNM have done for them and they are very happy, so they will thank the FNM by sending Howard Johnson and Theo Neilly to Parliament on May 7th, because they know the PLP have never ever cared for Eleuthera and they do not care now.

Perry came in 2002 and said it was a New PLP but we soon found that to be very untrue, because, yes there were some new faces, but the same ethics and principles of the PLP did not change, it only appeared to get worse.

Now it is supposed to be a new generation (WOW)!

Perry stood up against corruption and wrong and he was kicked out of the PLP along with Hubert. It appears that Perry has decided no one can change the PLP and if he wants to be Leader of the party he has to compromise his principles and turn a blind eye to what goes on around him, and that is a sad state of affairs.

The Bahamian people at large want a Government that looks out for their welfare and they know that Hubert Alexander Ingraham is the only Prime Minister that does just that.

PLP means the Bahamian “People Love Papa.”


Spanish Wells,

April 26, 2012


ConcernedVoter 6 years ago

For your information Mr. Pinder, the PLP had ONE rally in Lower Bogue and that was way before the FNM even came to Eleuthera to host their Rally. The second PLP rally was held in Hatchet Bay, which was suppose to be held in Governor's but due to the inaccessibility of the park, the location was changed to Hatchet Bay. Fact is, NOTHING was done for North Eleuthera under this FNM Government and anyone in Eleuthera can attest to that. It saddens me to see such foolishness being broadcasted nationally when the fact of the matter is that people everywhere in North Eleuthera are hurting. There are no jobs, besides the FNM election job scam to fool voters and the water in North Eleuthera is deplorable. I won't even start on the electricity problem because that's a whole different topic. If you don't see nothing wrong in North Eleuthera then something has to be wrong with you. Maybe you should come out of Spanish Wells for once and take a ride and listen to the stories of these people. Last week, many lights got turned off from BEC so I don't know what message you talking about that the PLP is trying to stop us from hearing. We are FED up with this neglectful Government and Eleuthera is voting them out! May 7th will tell the tale! Have a nice day!


ConcernedVoter 6 years ago

and ps. FNM = Finished Next Monday!!!


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