Girls do better than boys in exams


Jerome Fitzgerald


Tribune Staff Reporter


OFFICIAL Ministry of Education results yesterday revealed that for the fifth consecutive year, female students outperformed their male counterparts in both the BJC and BGCSE examinations.

More female students also subscribed for the exams (see chart). The results showed that females earned 1,394 As compared to male students, who were awarded 672.

Jerome Fitzgerald, Education Minister, urged parents to continue supporting their children. He said: “We wish to encourage parents and guardians to continue to support their children in their educational pursuits. It has been proven that active parental involvement in children’s educational pursuits keeps them on track during the learning process and discourages them from losing sight of their academic goals.”

Mr Fitzgerald added that the ministry expects to see steady progress in terms of exam results.


JohnBrown 10 years, 1 month ago

Jerome, it seem as though the male members of society have too much visible proof that the pursuit of academic goals have not created more jobs and permanent employment for many qualified young men within the system. And when finally all hope is lost, as the numbers steadily decline amongst hopeless and faithless males, then those that sell false hope will be tarred and fettered for your disrespect for real men and not sissies in general as you purport to be little gods. People like yourself talk loud in stirring up the battle between the sexes but you aren't saying anything. `I know them long time!´ The sad truth is that people like yourself help to exploit those sweet young things (our book conscious female students) with the offer of easy access to scholarship aide and other financial assistance and the picture of a secure future in secret in exchange for sex, but for the males that are falling on hard times your type urge them to swim or sink. In other words, be a man and find a way out of no way to survive and increase the percentage of successful male to females in education and thereby make me look good. You are Shameless...


bahamiandude242 10 years, 1 month ago

This clown has as the title "Girls Do Better Than Boys In Exams" then buried in the article says "More female students also subscribed for the exams". What did you expect genius? This type of sensationalism doesn't surprise me though, however that's besides the point.

I'm a pretty young guy, i did well in school, went to college etc, but i never found whiners and feminine cry babies like Jerome Fitzgerald and "journalists" like KHRISNA VIRGIL of any help when it comes to this issue. In fact they annoyed, and disgusted me and served as a distraction. These clowns fail to realize girls get more help than boys in school and are curry favored more by female teachers. Not that I'm angry that girls are doing well, the fact is that I am glad they are. Fact is, if boys got the same amount of attention from the teachers, both girls AND boys would do well. Another thing, Bahamians seem to think that if you don't want to be a doctor, banker, lawyer or have a degree you are not smart. What hell? Maybe I don't want to be a doctor or lawyer or banker, most little boys when they grow up don't say i want to be an account or banker, they want to be policemen, soldiers or athletes. Females want those soft, safe jobs. Females like KHRISNA VIRGIL and the like. We judge people by the amount of money they make, and that's our biggest mistake. The same "failing" boys are going to be the ones who rob people like KHRISNA VIRGIL and marry their daughters. FAIL? This whole country is fail (couldn't even win any gold medals), a lot of girls failed to, but KHRISNA VIRGIL doesn't want to talk about that, she just wants to push her sexist agenda, divide and conquer. Only if we sick together this country can move forward, but looks like that isn't going to happen until we become a failed state first.


Thekey 10 years, 1 month ago

You are clearly one of those (possible) college graduates who came out with a chip on their shoulder (for going to college in the first place ), but no education. Someone obviously taught you the word "buried" as it relates to journalism. However, the second paragraph of an article could hardly be considered buried. Also, even if more females than males registered for the exams the disparity in scores could tip either way depending on performance. If the same amount of both gender has registered and the results were the same the story headline would still be the same wouldn't it? But the information was given as the reporter wrote it - those were the facts. Look up sensationalism for yourself as well, before you attack a reporter who was NOT writing an editorial. Same goes for your Bible quoting Klingon, who, if they had any of their own sense, would have seen where you erred.


JohnBrown 10 years, 1 month ago

Hey there, that was spot on bahamiandude242. Well said! And with regards to you KHRISNA VIRGIL I'll let the good book speak directly to you on behalf of your attitude towards youthful male members of society as a reminder of what shaky people like yourself and the minister (for the minister is not one that I can respect) should expect. The quotes below come directly from the GOOD NEWS BIBLE TODAY’S ENGLISH VERSION :

Ecclesiastes 9:11&12 11 `I realize another thing that in this world fast runners do not always win the races, and the brave do no always win the battles. The wise do not always earn a living, intelligent people do not always get rich, and capable people do not always rise to high positions. Bad Luck happens to everyone. 12 You never know when your time is coming. Like a bird suddenly caught in a trap, like fish caught in a net, we are trapped at some evil moment when we least expect it.

Ecclesiastes 11. 7 - 8 7 `It is good to be able to enjoy the pleasant light of day. 8 Be grateful for every year you live. No matter how long you live, remember that you will be dead much longer: There is nothing at all to look forward to.´

And by the way, Ecclesiastes 7:28-29 seems to condemn you even BEFORE AND AFTER you wrote you madness or read this: `I have looked for other answers but have found none. I have found one man in a thousand that I could respect, but not one woman. 29 This is all that I have learned: God made us plain and simple, but we have made ourselves very complicated.´

I met a 80 year old Jamaican man once sitting on a bench in Hyde Park in central London and he cut me short with my positive out look on life and said, `Son, yur from the Bahamas, so yur close to me. Let me tell yur some ting. God is an evil God. Now, don’t get mad just tink about this. Him make all things right. So you got the policeman, him praying for you to step out of line so he can arrest you and get promotion, the robber, him praying for you to leave a window open and yur money laying around so he can take it, the undertakes him praying to God to bless him by you dying and so he can make a fortune of your death, the doctor, him praying that you get sick and that he can take the longest time possible to heal you so long as you got insurance coverage, the lawyer, him looking at your wife, if you have a little fight to start filing for a divorce and take every ting you don work for, or else that lawyer is up and down the street look’n for any type of trouble to solve for the biggest price, then the garbage collector, him hopping and praying that when you was in a rage you accidentally throw you rings or jewellery in the trash and then he get it. Suckers will win! I tell you my boy, God is an evil and cruel God, cause everyone praying for a blessing from God and he have to give to all hand.



JohnBrown 10 years, 1 month ago

Welcome “The Key”

There is something strange going on here in that I wrote and posted my comments long before you even ventured to poke your snotty nose and head out from under your little rock, but your crap has been posted in order of ranking above my second comment for whatever reasons. Remember this, as you too live in a Christian country, as we are lead to believe it as being, "People will never know that you are a fool so long as you don't open your mouth. And as low as you may stoop using the English language, I can stoop lower without loosing my self respect. So your might be an insider, but I am here to bruise your nuts if you've got any, those of the minister and the clown that wrote that article. Imbeciles like yourself "The key", obviously have not a clue about statistics and probability as it relates to main, median and mode, realistically, so shut up.

Now concerning you calling me a Kilingon for your edification I have placed the meaning of you flipped piece of choice English slang that you attribute to me below. And I will elaborate on it as I reprimand you for being a simple minded imp that know not of what you speak, to whom you speak, and the essence of from whence you cometh.

Provided by: A Dictionary of Slang http://www.peevish.co.uk/slang/k.htm">http://www.peevish.co.uk/slang/k.htm

klingon Noun. Faecal remnants that have adhered to anal hairs. Unusual and less common spelling of 'clingon', possibly inspired by the Klingons from the Star Trek TV/film series.

Now, If only you would kindly remove your tongue from retrieving for digestion my klingon, then I could happily pass forth my daily requirement of two litres of sulphuric acids, methane and the likes, so as to go further more freely south.

Let’s see what the Tribune does with these true facts…


TheFixer 9 years, 8 months ago

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dudu 9 years, 8 months ago

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nicolae 9 years, 8 months ago

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dudu 9 years, 8 months ago

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dudu 9 years, 7 months ago

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