Retrial For John Bull Case


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE John Bull Rolex robbery case is going back to the Supreme Court after a judge ordered a retrial in March 2014.

Senior Justice Jon Isaacs ruled that David Collins be retried for armed robbery even though, as his attorney Geoffrey Farquharson argued, he has already been convicted of receiving.

Collins, 33, of Cowpen Road, and Jonathan Armbrister, 35, of Elizabeth Estates, were yesterday arraigned in connection with the incident.

Collins was charged with armed robbery and receiving and Armbrister with receiving.

Both pleaded not guilty and were told that they would stand trial before Justice Bernard Turner on March 10, 2014.

The men are accused in connection with the armed robbery of 12 watches, together worth $395,360, last May.

In an earlier trial on October 31, both Armbrister and Collins were found guilty of conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Jurors found Armbrister guilty by a count of 7-2, while they were split 6-3 on Collins.

Collins was sentenced to 20 years for conspiracy and Armrbrister received 25 years.


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