15 Men Held Over Marijuana Find



SEVERAL men were detained by police in four separate incidents yesterday after the discovery of a quantity of marijuana and marijuana plants. In all, 15 men are in custody in connection with the finds.

Police said following the first three seizures, 12 men were taken in for questioning during an operation conducted between 4pm and 12am on Wednesday. Initial reports said police made the first arrest of six men - ages 59, 36, 29 and 25 and two aged 42 - at around 6.30pm.

This came after suspected marijuana was found at a Strachan's Corner home.

Police also found three marijuana plants ranging from one to two feet in height at the residence.

Another seizure occurred, the report said, after police went to a property at Spencer Street in Mason's Addition, where they discovered a quantity of suspected marijuana and two marijuana plants.

Police said they made the seizure at 6.55pm.

Three men, two aged 42 years and one 29 years old, were arrested.

In another incident, police said Central Division officers arrested three men at 7.45pm, ages 49, 36 and 25, after discovering a large number of marijuana plants on their property in Fox Hill.

At 8.30pm, police then arrested three more men, ages 53, 33 and 29, after executing a search warrant on their home on Augusta Street and finding a quantity of suspected marijuana. Police officials said they have yet to calculate a total value for the confiscated drugs.

The discoveries come just days after Grand Bahama and US drug agents made a $40 million marijuana find in the eastern district of that island.

Police reports said several fields were found during a routine patrol in the pine forest off Grand Bahama Highway last Friday.

Assistant Superintendent Loretta Mackey, press liaison officer, reported that around 30 plots, averaging in size about 50 feet by 50 feet, were uncovered a few miles east of High Rock.

Emrick Seymour, Assistant Commissioner of Police and a team of officers, including US Drug Enforcement Administration officers, returned to the area on Saturday to continue investigations.

The marijuana plants - which ranged from one to 11 feet in height - were all uprooted.

Calls to police for an update on this investigation were not returned before press time last night.


Concerned 8 years ago

Isn't it suspicious that 12 men can be caught with 3 marijuana plants but yet no one can be held account for acres of marijuana in Freeport? Very suspicious and very interesting.


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