Former Mp's Son Held At Gunpoint



WITH Independence Day only 11 days away, former PLP MP George Smith said the time has come for Bahamians to seriously decide the kind of country they want.

His remarks came after he detailed the harrowing experience of his son, George Smith Jr, who was robbed at gunpoint and briefly held hostage last Saturday.

Rather than expressing anger at the culprits responsible, Mr Smith instead explained they are victims of their own and the entire country needs to come together to create the type of society that is needed.

"My son, George Andrew, a lawyer, was with some chums of his Friday evening watching the ball game at a friend's house, Alexander Christie's, who is also a lawyer, and as Andrew was leaving there to go home, early Saturday morning after the game and after chatting, two men approached him," Mr Smith said.

"They relieved him of his watch, his cellphone, credit cards and business card holders. Then they took him in his vehicle and drove around, went to Carmichael Road, gave him his car back and told him to go where he has to go."

Mr Smith praised his son for "maintaining his composure" despite being the victim of an armed robbery - robberies that police recently revealed are on the rise. He was also relieved that his son escaped unharmed, only losing items that can be replaced.

"He obviously realised that in times like that, no matter what we may think of those who perpetuate these things, a fellow with a gun is the boss and if you don't overly annoy them you could get anyway safe and sound," he said.

"He lost a watch - that's replaceable, he lost a phone - that has been replaced, he lost some cards - which can easily be cancelled, and his business cards - who knows the fellows might decide to send him some legal business.

"I think it's very important that in the face of these unpleasant incidents, it teaches you to try and be as controlled as possible. It teaches you to call on your inner strength, your spirituality, so you can behave as wisely and as calmly as possible because the priority, of course, is safety of life and limb. He did that and made his parents and family proud by the way he maintained his composure."

Noting that the country's rising crime level has affected him so personally, Mr Smith offered his own advice to the country as a whole.

"Next month we will celebrate the 39th anniversary of our country as an independent country. We should start in earnest to decide what kind of country we want to have when we celebrate the 40th anniversary of our country," he said.

"We have to decide if we want a peaceful society. We have to decide if we, as a people, are going to come together and create the type of economy which can result in the kind of social society, civic society that we want - which can eradicate these things."

He continued: "We obviously have to start to see those who perpetuate all these terrible crimes against innocent people - we have to see them too as victims of a society that has permitted the social decline, the educational decline, the decline of our inner city, the decline of so many families... We who are the potential victims of the crime perpetuated by these unfortunate individuals must also look to them and find a way of creating a country where they don't feel so left out that they resort to crime."


JohnBrown 8 years ago

George Smith, if you only contribution towards making the Bahamas a near crime free paradise (coupled with your platitudes) was through making sure that your son became a lawyer: a professional sucker, a perpetuator of evil - a force that is in direct opposition to nature, to the common man and is in essence a social parasite, then accept quietly whatever those less educated thugs than yourself decide that your fate should be. Most lawyers should not only be disbarred from the courts but also debarred from leaving their homes and entering the physical world or our society that they have as a group deliberately aided and abetted in the destruction off, while searching for a dispute in need of resolution.


TalRussell 8 years ago

Comrade George Jr. me got a big chuckle in me belly when you say; "if you don't overly annoy them you could get away safe and sound."

What's next Comrade give them an after they've terrified the hell out of you, big hug for not shooting you, cause you seem think what the thug did to your "lawyer" son, you sure used that one a few times, was more in the form of some kind on anti-social act?

I'd suggest a good starting point is for our police officers to work with natives to organize neighborhood street blocks to hold "We're Retaking Back Our Streets Party's" to rid our damn streets of "layabouts." Today's "layabouts" are being schooled as tomorrow's thugs, but not on our streets.

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by TalRussell


JohnBrown 8 years ago

Ok TalRussell, you organize it and I will be there to give you one hundred percent support from its kick off to the point where everybody gets flat when bullets start to fly or acid rain falls from the sky...one way or the other. Show your face in the place,. So we can know who you are, and let's do something worthwhile for once. Again, I say talk is cheap...We are past put up or shut up time!


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