Saturday, May 5th

Why You Vex?

“Yinna can't stay vex for long when yinna realise that only in Nassau at election time yinna can get a year's supply of T-shirts for everyone in the family including the dog and cat, get a free bus ride to and back from the park with the political rally, a few drinks, make some really dumb chanting, scream and shout, listen to some prospective music group for a few quickie songs, top it off with some pseudo comedians cracking jokes, throwing in innuendoes for a good laugh at your other family members who support another party and telling you in this 21st century you will soon be getting good piped water, roads and electricity – a job they were supposed to do the last century – and you come home happy and then feeling foolish when you realise that you, the public, already done paying them to do this job."

  • Hoodwinked

"I vex I have been had. After listening to some rally speakers telling me how they will do dis and do dat for my area and then realise that they said almost the same thing five years ago."

  • Deja Vu

"Bey, lookie here, see what I is saying is true, true, now. I just vex cause me man here say taxes gon go up to pays fer all dem promises da politicians making now."

  • Consumer

"So vexing listening to politicians talking about jobs for Bahamians and then to see them spending millions of dollars to purchase all of the political pom poms, T-shirts, caps, etc. etc. from foreign countries. So much spent on T-shirts that many Bahamians have almost a year's worth of foreign-made T-shirts which employed many foreign workers abroad but still no local Bahamian jobs. Don't you love to see them on TV talking about local jobs while cheering on their supporters wearing foreign party coloured clothing?"

  • Voter

"I vex cause a dem fakey looking and sounding Ethiopian Zulu warrior rain dance imitators at dem rallies causing more rain and strong breeze damage than anticipated to everybody, and the children loving it cause they gets to stay home one day from school cause of the bad weather."

  • Parent

"I gotta be vex when I is hearing men throwing rock and abusing women in the political campaigning season and wonder whatever happened to chivalry. Child please, and (suck teeth)."

  • Women and children first

“I am vex that yesterday I was driving and passed no less than six traffic lights out of order. I ain know what the point of fixing up the roads is if ya gonna still be bucking up to people car cause ain no light. Before I put my ‘X’ down on Monday, I wish any of them running for office could tell me why no one could fix a traffic light in this country.”

  • Every Light Blinking

“I ain vex now, but I know I ga be vex next week this time when election done finish and all these posters still up making the place look ugly. I want all those politicians whether ya win or lose to have your people take down ya signs instead of waiting til they litter up the place and fall apart. Once we vote, it’s time to move on.”

  • Sign Woman

“I vex the rallies soon ga be ova. Ain’t nothing like election time for a good party.”

  • Election Fever

Why You Happy?

"I happy that the rain came which drowned out all of them noisy political campaigning and give the people a chance to help them make a voting decision based not on promises, failed promises, insults and noise, but on what's best for them in this new 21st century."

  • Peace and Quiet

"I so happy that Freeport is finally getting all this political attention after all that economic devastation that went on for years."

  • Grand Bahamian

"I am happy that the Marathon Mall may not need to put up the outdoor Christmas tree now that there are so many traffic lights in front of the


  • Bedazzled


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