Why You Vex? November 10th

Why You Vex?

“Vex cause the road works people seems to be slunking an taking so long even though many are hard working Bahamians.”

  • Motorist

“Vex cause all dem Eleuthera people can sign up for free medicine an ting come to find out from Sandy they should have had a proper hospital.”

  • Horse before Cart

“Absolutely vex with all the lousy, crappy, rip-off and less than value for money service Batelco is giving. When you carry in your bubbla phones to trade-in discounted ‘new’ phones they cannot be returned if there is a problem; vexing phone circuits are constantly busy; calls are dropped among a litany of complaints and the foreign Bahamian owned company carries on as though nothing is wrong. For goodness sake, no one expected the Batelco service to get worse, but it did !”

  • Irate Customer

“After all that big-time celebration about the opening of the Sir Sidney Poitier new bridge that is to showcase to the world our famous international movie star, son of the Bahamas, a person almost every visitor to Paradise Island would recognise, and there are no signs at the foot of the bridge visible from Church Street, the front entrance, to say what the name is. Plus the plaque at the foot faces east towards Betty Cole Park is perpendicular to the bridge entrance, just giving visitors a split second view as if they could read the whole thing in a split second anyhow while passing.”

  • Marketing

“I vex that Perry Christie’s name and titles take up more space on the Sidney Poitier plaque than Sir Sidney’s does. Where in the world do they put someone else’s name on a plaque honouring an important figure unless that person had fought hard or maybe donated loads of money to make that honour happen. Everywhere else only the person being honoured appears on a plaque. I see the PM trying to immortalise himself and I vex.”


“Bey, now yinna see why my vexation all yuck up cause I never been in one numbers place in my life and was so looking forward to buying some lottery tickets from one of the thousands of the grocery stores to win a few dollars, all business legit with audited public lottery records conducted by the state. But now it seems all that lottery business might not happen cause it might pose some competition with some church people who thinks it is wrong.”

  • Lottery Supporter

“Vex, I ain’t lying now when only last year the National Insurance Board who is supposed to look out for we the people medical health and ting guaranteed to buy one set of shares of and get this shares in one company dealing with liquor and because the IPO was not fully subscribed got even more shares in that liquor business and all dis time new hospitals was begging to be built wid those same NIB investment funds. Muddoes dred.”

  • Drunk

“Pleased and glad a new hospital is to be built in Eleuthera, but vex at the bickering that goes on whose idea it was and astonished that plans for NIB directed hospitals were underway since 1982 and only after a devastating Hurricane Sandy and one tragic death 30 years later that the new hospital is again being considered. Mind you, if these plans are anything like fixing the Glass Window Bridge then perhaps it might be better to station a few more doctors on the island until the hospital materialises, heh?”

  • First Capital

“Mudda sic, I vex cause yet again the authorities, all who been talking plenty about what they gon be doing for the people of Freeport, still watching the Fishing Hole Road get flooded over, endangering lives and cutting off the island in two just like what happens to the Glass Window Bridge in Eleuthera.”

-- Bamboozled, run amok....

“Well, blow me down (again), I vex cause after all dese hurricanes and the damage to Bahamian people and other persons residing here, to farms, homes, pigs, goats other animals, the roads, utilities, beaches, affecting our nation all the way from Abaco to Inagua, and our prime minister still don’t have a helicopter to efficiently inspect and have experts gauge effectively and expeditiously the necessary assistance to bring to the suffering. “

  • Helicopter Needed

“Vex being hoodwinked into thinking there was Bahamian know-how and expertise versus foreign experts, report by experts done versus no report or just ‘advice’, numbers and lottery versus just numbers, soon versus whenever and now my head dizzy an I just plain vex for dem messing wid my head.”

  • Regular Person

“Everywhere yinna look, yinna seeing picture of hurricane damage to Bahamians in Nassau, Bahamians in Abaco, Bahamians in Grand Bahama, plenty pictures, but no pictures of Haishuns in any of the 37 or some ting illegal settlements or shanty towns across the country. What happen, ain’t nobody brave enough to go and take pictures heh?”

  • Observer

“Bey, I so vex cause dem bank people learn all your business at one bank and then for some reason leave and go to another bank and take all the knowledge of your business, suppliers and other information, leaving you in a jam cause your competition may soon get ahead and there are no laws to protect the customers in these situations or deter those bankers from doing so.”

  • Businessman

Why You Happy?

“I is happy to see that Barack Obama has won the elections, but then if they tax the rich people more money then the rich people might not have money to travel here.”

  • Local

“Happy to see that from the cable company balance sheet published 7.11.12 that the company’s revenue has increased by some four million from last year and that the net income and comprehensive has increased by some $4 million plus the earnings per share has increased which seems a good ting in dat I hopes my cable bill does not increase.”

  • Profits

“I was happy and mesmerised to see the fluid and dignified way the US campaigning was held. Even though there were negative ads, there were no low-down remarks and no UN observers which is something for many to emulate, to be strengthened and inspired by, especially since we geographically almost joined by the hip.”

  • Live and learn

“After seeing many articles by a number of the DNA aspiring MPs I am happy that they are pressing forward with their cause for a better Bahamas.”

  • Man in the street


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