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Uncle Balli

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DO NOT be surprise if you hear Freeport artist Uncle Balli’s music in American movies, commercials, television shows or video games. Just three weeks ago the rapper signed a publishing contract with a Miami based company.

The partnership marks a major milestone for Uncle Balli’s career, making it easier for his transition on to the international music scene. In fact, this transition has already begun as Uncle Balli’s song “Hoodie Hood” is gaining airplay on about ten American radio stations. Additionally his song ranked 66 on the urban/independent charts.

“I am very excited about this. I did a lot of work to get the songs where they are. This will definitely get me out there on the international scene and be an example for other Bahamian artists,” Uncle Balli told In Ya Ear.
Apart from marketing his music internationally, Uncle Balli is getting set to release a new album “Pirate of the Caribbean”. Uncle Balli collaborated with several big names in music including Rick Ross, Gunplay, Smoke from Field Mob, Larry Blackmon, Big Syke, Baby from YMCMB as well as Sammi Star and reggae artist Pressure Buss Pipe. Additionally production for the new album was done by Cool and Dre, Mike Fresh, and the Bahamas’ own El Padrino.

“There are a lot of big collaborations I have done; it is just a matter of getting them out to the public,” he said.
Uncle Balli said “Pirate of the Caribbean” is just another term he uses to describe the “go getta” he is.

“At the end of the day this is all about getting out there doing what I have to make things happen for me.”
Uncle Balli has kept himself busy over the past three months, focusing solely on releasing song after song. He said this is the only way he can make himself known and generate a steady fan base locally and internationally. The artist’s latest release is “F* Who Don’t Like It”, which is currently on rotation at major radio stations in the Bahamas.

“The song is really aimed towards the negative naysayers in life. The ones that always tell you that you can’t do that; it won’t sound right; it won’t look right, and all other things. This is song is about people who are on the outside and inside and do not like the fact that you are doing things, and making moves. Everyone who hears the song I want them to not let negative people or situations stop them from doing what they do. Do you until. Then do it some more,” he said.
Fans can expect much more from the artist in the upcoming months.

“The highlight of my career is always when I hear one of my songs spinning on the radio. It also gives me a good feeling when I’m out and about and people tell me how much they love and appreciate my music. That really drives me to put out the best I can. I have to keep the fans happy.”

Uncle Balli has been rapping since the age of 11. He was born in Nassau to Haitian parents, but moved to New York and Miami for a brief time. He has now relocated to Freeport and is representing the Bahamas all the way with his music. Uncle Bailli is also the owner of Straight Piracy Productions and Straight Piracy Publishing.


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