Trust Chief To Unveil National Parks Plan

BAHAMAS National Trust (BNT) executive director Eric Carey will reveal its concept plan for the sustainable development of business opportunities in the national parks designated by the Government at this year’s Abaco Business Outlook (ABO).

Mr Carey’s topic is ‘Abaco’s National Parks: A Tourism, Recreation and Economic Opportunity’. 

Mr Carey will focus on the fact that the natural wonders of the Abacos are so varied and so valuable to this country that six of the 27 National Parks are located in thisarea.

These parks protect large acreages of pine forest and significant marine environs.

“In the last five years BNT has invested significantly in visitor infrastructure for national parks to make these wonderful areas user friendly, while ensuring the protection and preservation of this incomparable part of the national patrimony,” Mr Carey said.

“The island of Abaco has grown tremendously in the last 10 years, and with the new airport and infrastructure is hot on the heels of Freeport, the nation’s second city.”

The BNT executive director emphasised that while the Trust has developed a concept plan for the Abaco National Park on Great Abaco, which includes the development of tourism infrastructure, it pays special attention to the Abaconians’ love of the environment and their desire to experience it with their families.

Mr Carey will also comment on the ongoing work in other parks on Abaco.


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