Faith Or Fear: What Fuels You Forward?


The best way to determine whether faith or fear fuels you forward is to listen to the tenets of your everyday conversations. Our daily conversation (language) shapes our lives, builds our character and develops our future. Still, many are unaware of the power of language and its potent effect on the psyche of their minds.

Bear in mind that every behaviour is informed, one way or another. People behave the way they are informed to behave and literally become the person they are informed to be.

When fear takes the lead, anxiety, anger and aggression prevails. Daily diets of fear-based language (conversations) lead many to live in a constant state of fear. People soon become disoriented about who they are and or how to navigate their lives. They learn to live by fear rather than by faith.

Fear promotes living in safe mode; settling for a life of monotony, with rinse and repeat cycles every 24hrs. Not because life has limits, but because of the limits fear has placed on their life.

Yet, beyond this doldrums, life holds endless possibilities, accessible only by faith. The challenge is with the common grip of fear, can you learn to allow faith to fuel you forward? Of course, you can. Faith is a muscle that develops once it is exercised.

Begin by reevaluating what really matters and what you believe. Learn to trust in the invisible source of life. Faith is an invisible but powerful source. It is defined as ‘having complete trust in someone or something. It is the substance of things hoped for – the evidence of things not seen’. Redefine what faith means to you.

What things do you hope for – and in whom does your faith lie? Mastering your fears requires honest dialogue with yourself.

There is no meaningful living, without meaningful faith. Oddly, many people have out sourced their faith power; living life depending on other people’s idea of faith. This is what I call ‘second-handed’ faith.

Faith is a personal quality. You must believe and have faith for yourself. You cannot reap the reward of a faith that you failed to cultivate. Commit to getting your own faith – rather than relying on what somebody said, somebody said.

To me, faith speaks to two words: the substance. This means that all that I need to move forward, already exists.

What about the quality of your faith? Does it really belong to you or are you working with second-hand faith?

I love the fact that faith is a quiet power. It doesn’t require any shouting or hollering because it has nothing to prove. Faith just is. This quiet power goes beyond the borders of up keeping with cultural traditions or habitual customs. This kind of faith requires a deeper spiritual engagement.

Know that faith and fear are opposites. So, whenever fear shows up, faith leaves the room. Faith means believing and living with unwavering confidence.

People often shout about having faith but still experience a fear-based life. This is because you cannot have half way faith; either you have 100 percent faith or you do not.

Be mindful that deeper still, fear is not real. It is only your perception that makes it real. Imagine you are in a very dark room, unable. Your mind tells you something scary is crawling next to you. You begin to panic; fumbling for the light switch, but you cannot find it.

Those thoughts get stronger, your heartbeats faster. You soon find the switch and click the light on. The room is now bright and you can see there is nothing in there but empty shelves. It was all in your mind. Yet, fear made you physically react. This delusion plays regularly on our minds. Fear is only as real as you make it.

Now this is not to suggest that there are not enough good reasons out there to be careful. However, you cannot allow fear to take over your life. Because there is always, hope.

Hope and faith are partners. Just as fear and doubt are partners. My rule of thumb for changing your life is to know that “nothing will change until you change”. Change yourself before you can change your life.

You have unrestricted power to build your life just as you desire. Take time to do a self-assessment to evaluate the quality of ingredients that fuel you forward.

This critical view of yourself is not to beat yourself down, but more so, to determine those qualities you wish to elevate and or eliminate.

When it comes to your life, you are the architect, the pilot, and the navigator. Your life flows wherever your mind goes. With faith, you have the power to become unstoppable. Remember, faith has nothing to prove. Fear, is typically about proving and or showing off. Are you operating on faith or fear?

There is great power in not having anything to prove. So let those naysayers have their say. Faith does not need the crowd and is more powerful than any ego.

You are created in the image of the Master Creator. His alone gives you a personal set of keys to the kingdom, which lies within you.

As you contemplate today’s question, be encouraged to deepen your faith. Understand that when faith appears, fear must disappear.

Make today the day that you take the lead in allowing your faith to fuel you forward. Now is the perfect time to shift your life paradigm.

What do you think?

• Please send your comments to coaching242@yahoo.com or 429-6770. Michelle M. Miller is a certified Life-Coach, Leadership Expert and Author of Take The Lead. She is the CEO of TTL Coaching Strategies and founder of the Girls Leadership Coaching Club.


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