Mitchell: It could have been handled differently


Minister of Foreign affairs Fred Mitchell.

WHEN asked about Prime Minister Christie’s statement, Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell said that things could have been handled differently.

He said: “Looking back, one can always handle things differently.

“The Monday morning quarterback is a very busy fellow.

“The world is what it is. This is not a Hollywood movie with a scripted beginning and end. We deal with events as they happen.

“We are taking steps as outlined to ensure that this does not repeat itself to the extent that it can be avoided in the future.

“The issue here is not about detection or watching the borders. That is a problem but not the problem here.

“The issue is the efficiency or lack thereof in repatriation. I am not going to let it happen again if it can be helped.

“There will be no distinction in the future in the way different nationalities are treated according to the law, both domestic and international. There should be no special treatment for any group.”

Asked if his stance on the controversy could be characterised as stern, Mr Mitchell said: “Stern may be your word. My word is truthful. Principled.

“And I stood up for the Bahamas. No one can talk badly about our country to me. I will continue to stand up for The Bahamas.

“As for the security and cameras at the centre, I am not an expert on that so I offer no comment. As I said hindsight is always 20-20. My eyes are focused on the future.”


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