Overall results best ever for Bahamian team at Lil Mo Jr Championships

THE 2013 Lil Mo International Junior Championships came to a close on Wednesday with a number of age group finals.

Lil Mo is the biggest age group tournament in the USA focusing on age groups 8s, 9s, 10s, 11s and 12s. The Bahamian contingent of five players was represented in two age categories, 8s green dot ball and 10s yellow ball and 10s green dot ball.

The Bahamian team consisted of Daniel Clivio, Micheal Major and Dentry Mortimer Jr playing in the boys’ 8s green dot ball division, Emma Weech in the girls’ 10s green dot balls and Jacobi Bain and Ryan Fox playing in the boys’ 10s yellow ball category.

The Bahamas team walked away with three trophies with Emma Weech winning the third place trophy in the girls’ singles 10s green dot ball and was a finalist in the girls’ 10s doubles green dot balls. Daniel Clivio captured third place in the boys’ 8s green dot ball, improving on last year’s singles quarterfinal finish.

The overall results were the best ever for a Bahamian team at the Lil Mo International Junior Championships with all players except one advancing beyond the first round and two players winning third place matches. Final results for Bahamian team below:

Boys 8s green dot ball

Daniel Clivio, seeded No.3, first player from Bahamas to be seeded in singles

1st Roundup

D Clivio bye

Michael Major Jr 60/60 Roman Lange (USA)

Dentry Mortimer 16/26 James Willwerth (US)

2nd Round

D Clivio 60/60 E Regnier (USA)

M Major 16/16 R Boltran (GUA)


D. Clivio d. 63/76 S. Price


D Clivio l. 76,16 (4-10)

3rd place

D Clivio w. 63/62 J. Roseman (PER)

8s Green dot Consolation

1st Round

D Mortimer d. 61/63 J. Murariu (USA)


D Mortimer jr l. 06, 01 (ret) M. Rosati

Girls 10s green dot

1st Round

E. Weech d. 62/60 Fe. Batoon (USA)


E. Weech d. 60/60 E. Cuttler (USA)


E. Weech l. 60/36,(6-10) I. Banks (USA)

3rd Place

E. Weech d. 76, 61 A. Turtledove (USA)

Boys 10s Yellow

1st Round

Jacobi Bain d. 60/60 O. Medrano (USA)

Ryan Fox d. 60/60 D. Cedeno

2nd Round

J. Bain l. 36/16 #3 P. Deaton (USA)

R. Fox l. 16/06 #1 Top Hidunjianza

Boys 10s Doubles

1st Round

J. Bain/C. Li (PER) Won 8-3

R. Fox/N. Pinzon (COL) Won 9-7

2nd Round

J. Bain/C. Li L. 6-8

R.Fox/N. Pinzon (COL) won 8-6


R. Fox/N. Pinzon (COL) L. 6-8

Girls 10s Doubles green dot


E. Weech/F. Batoon (USA) W 8-1


E. Weech/F. Batoon (USA) L. 4-8

Mixed Doubles 11s

1st Round

E. Weech/F. Nique (PER) bye

J. Bain/A. Aagard (DEN) bye

2nd Round

E. Weech/F. Nique L. 8-3

J. Bain/A. Aagard w/o


J. Bain/A. Aagard L.1-8


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