Our Country Is Crumbling

EDITOR, The Tribune.

THIS is a new day Bahamas. As citizens, we have wondered at our government’s apparent apathy in its leadership of the Bahamas and its people towards a prosperous future.

Yesterday, that question turned to certainty as bandits waltzed into the home of the acting Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis, and pointed a gun at him and symbolically at all Bahamians, our economy, political stability, global image and well being.

There was no security detail. None.

This lack of planning and preparation is a fitting metaphor for where we are as a country today. Our leaders have no vision for tomorrow, are not committed to the future of its children, and are not focused on building a future for the Bahamas. We have only ourselves to blame.

A government is an exact replication of its people. And as a people an entire generation is less interested in school and more interested in participating in an informal economy, with social and economic divides so wide and deep that this seems a rational choice for most.

And the government is nothing more than the status quo, if not an outright support of a divided and failing society fuelled by a black market and social stratification.

If we as Bahamians disagree that the government is a direct replication of its people then we should take to the streets and force this government to hold elections in haste so we can decide on new leadership.

On the eve of Nelson Mandela’s funeral, can we not take our own future into our own hands? Do we not have a leader amongst us who is as committed to the success of our country?

Someone needs to take responsibility for this complete failure in Statehood.

Fire the Minister of Security and anyone else whose duty it was yesterday to protect the government and our country.

Was it better that the bandits were wearing flip-flops and jean shorts rather than combat boots and military fatigues? Does it make a difference? How is random thuggery different from a coup d’etat with a government such as ours?

This government is a complete joke and was caught with its pants down. Literally.

Our acting Head of State was robbed in his own home at gunpoint.

Everything from this point forward that comes out of the mouths of the PLP government is malarkey. As a country we need to use this event as motivation to task ourselves with finding qualified leaders. As a people we have failed miserably. Our country is crumbling and we only have ourselves to blame.


New York, NY

December 12, 2013.


proudloudandfnm 5 years, 6 months ago

Perry can't fire anybody. He gotta get permission from brad and Frankie first....


jlcandu 5 years, 6 months ago

Mr. Smith,

While what you are saying makes perfect sense and I agree with most of what you stated, you are missing the whole point. The majority of Bahamians don't vote for a "leader" who has vision -- they vote for whoever will slip them a few bucks on Voting Day. How else could the hapless and poor excuse of a leader Christie get re-elected after his first failed 5-year term.

The general populace votes along party lines. Yes, this country is destined for sinking into a bottomless pit, but the general population doesn't seem to care. And the politicians know it ....

The citizens of this country need a "wake up" call and I think VAT just may be it. When they go to the food store and realize they can't feed their family anymore, but have to line up at Social Services for hand-outs, maybe then they will realize that this government is useless. And that's a big maybe.... Only the good Lord can bail this country out now!!!


john33xyz 5 years, 6 months ago

It is time to pay the piper. We will get VAT or we will get a devalued currency - whichever one we choose.

Like you say, MAYBE then people will wake up.

But then again - it may just make them feel more "independent" and "proud" come July 10th - nine days after VAT.

They can say, "man, we got raped even worse than last time - but that's ok - It's still Better in the Bahamas!!!!! We're ignorant and proud of it."


Reality_Check 5 years, 6 months ago

Whether it be Perry "Vomit" Christie or Hubert "Hubiggity" Ingraham, the voters of this country are getting what they fully deserve: PERSECUTION TO THE Nth DEGREE! The wannabe have lots are soon to find out that even their ill-gotten accumulated wealth is about to take a serious hit that sends them back to whence they came!!


SurDavid 5 years, 5 months ago

Any way you want to look at it...the Bahamas lacks discipline. Remember, everything always goes to the lowest common denominator. So if you think things are bad now just wait a few years and see how low you can really go. The eyes of the nation should be clearly focused on pride of ownership. No more shrinking away from responsibility can be tolerated. Everyone must participate in this reawakening or the nation is doomed. It starts with YOU.


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