This is lent. Lent is a time to make a change. The following words of warning shock us to stop, take notice, and make a decision.

1. Review: Look at yourself in the spiritual mirror. What do you see? Are you becoming more like Christ or less like him? Are you loving, generous and kind? Are you honest, humble and holy? Add any qualities that you know about Him and see how you measure up.

2. Repent: This means to be sorry enough for what you think, say and do to want to change and to admit that now is the time to begin. Ask the holy spirit to give you the makeover that you need.

3. Reconcile: Begin to walk according to the word of God and seek to be reconciled to your creator. Let the image of God become your desired identity.

4. Repair: There are relationships that are in need of restoration, especially within the home, the work place, the congregation, civic organizations and neighbourhood. It is for us to try to live at peace with all persons, though there are times when this seems to be impossible. Our attitude is to represent Christ as best we can. To speak our truth in love, to refuse to be abused, to turn the other cheek, to choose to be silent, to wait upon the Lord, and to act with courage are just some of the responses that may be appropriate. Prayer is imperative to discern the different answers needed in varying situations.

5. Release: It is time to walk away from some of the memories of the past. It is time to forgive ourselves for the things we have confessed and to embrace the promise of being a new creation that salvation promises. It is also the season to forgive others and work to be healed and set free from resentment and bitterness.

6. Reform: Plan to move toward transformation and bring all of your hopes, plans and dreams into alignment with the principles of the kingdom of God.

How are you using your time? Do any of these words resonate with you? Do you think that God is tapping you on the shoulder to get your attention?

None of us can afford to continue with business as usual. If we want to be a holy people, we have to start taking holiness seriously. A personal move on our part can only lead to change on a national scale.


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