Worst Dressed Men Take The Lead Over The Women

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JUST when you thought you have seen it all on red carpet events, this is your time to think again. It seems as if the men took the lead over the women in the worst dressed department at this years BET Awards Show last Sunday. At some point it was hard to tell if the outfits were high fashioned or simply a mess.

Rapper Trinidad James

Lesh: LOL laughing out loud I don’t have anything nice to say about this outfit so moving right along.
Farah: I was left speechless. Couldn’t tell this was Trinidad James or a character from Planet of The Apes.

Model Amber Ros

Lesh: Considering that she just recently gave birth to her first child, I would have to say that Amber really looks nice here. The colour has her skin glowing for some reason.
Farah: I loved Amber’s dress. She was a breath of fresh air on the red carpet.

Rapper 2 Chainz

Lesh: Foolishness!
Farah: Why was I not surprised by 2 Chainz’ outfit. Looked like he was wearing a high-low casual dress.

R&B Singer And Love And Hip Hop Star K Michelle

Lesh: I liked it a lot at first when I saw her on the red carpet show, but I don’t know how to feel after seeing her outfit on photo.
Farah: K Michelle looked better on the last episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

DJ Drama, Rapper J Cole and Actor Brandon T Jackson

Lesh: LOL I am laughing again okay when I noticed this I thought to myself, what the heck is going on. I know at some point, celebrities usually would have these clothing style clashes, but three people at the same time, at the same event! No No. And to top it off, instead of pairing the shirt with another colour, they are all wearing black pants and shoes. It’s comical.
Farah: There are too many designers and celebs are too rich to end up wearing the same outfit at the same time, and the same award show. I guess everyone wanted to sport the Versace brand. J Cole however, wore it best.

Recording Artist Michelle Williams

Lesh: I see what she was trying to do here, but I don’t like the outcome. She was almost there, but something went wrong somewhere along the lines.
Farah: Nice dress but not for the BET Awards.

Rapper French Montana

Lesh: Horrendous! This looks really bad, whatever it is.
Farah: French Montana was definitely being an attention whore when he came on the red carpet dressed the way he was!

Recording Artist and Actress Brandy

Lesh: I don’t hate it, but I am not sure if I really like it either. I think her makeup is nice, very simple and pretty.
Farah: The dress Brandy wore made it look like she was wearing a neck brace. It looked uncomfortable. The print of the dress is nice.


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