Why You Vex? 27/7/2013

“Well munkey oncle, Grand Bahamian Port Authority licensees subject to Hawksbill Creek Agreement now to be subjected to VAT taxes. Can’t win for losing, and this when Grand Bahamians were promised better things such as extending the Freeport economic concessions to east and west Grand Bahama, instead we getting neither, plus a tax burden. Vex.”

  • Grand Bahamian

“Still no assistance for some 4,000 mortgage customers and no publicised regulations to prevent another meltdown. And with land and home prices increasing, is it any wonder that for the first half of 2013 there was a 17 per cent decline in mortgages? Vex.”

  • No help nowhere

“Vex to see the government saying it being all ‘progressive’ with going ahead with stem cell research. With all the other hundreds of issues the government should be progressive with – marital rape, women passing on citizenship, discrimination protection laws, solar panels on every house, clean water, proper criminal rehabilitation, just to name a few – this is the one time they decide to be ‘progressive’.”

  • Suck Teeth

“I am extremely vex at these so called Cuban human rights activists, who have the gall to accuse us, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, of human rights abuse after an alleged video of Cuban detainees being beaten by Bahamian officers was shown on the web. Who do these people think they are? Have they forgotten what they did to us on May 10, 1980, when they sent those MiG 21 fighter jets to destroy HMBS Flamingo, killing four Bahamian marines after they caught Cuban fishermen poaching in our waters? Who violates more human rights than Cuba? Why don’t these ‘activists’ ask Cubans living in Miami what they think of Castro? I’m also vex with Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell for talking fool and saying Cuba is our friend. Really? Friends don’t shoot friends, especially not with a 23mm auto cannon.”

  • Who is You

“Mudda tek sic, vex that the Cubans in Miami are protesting against the Bahamas, but maybe the government should also allow them to have a ‘wet foot, dry foot’ or slack immigration/colonisation policy here like it appears the illegal Haitian migrants seem to have been enjoying for decades judging from recent government survey.”

  • Bahamian Christian

“Muddoes, vexing for a politician to be crying baby sour line at the grandiose welcome given to possible investor Peter Nygard by Grand Bahamians. Anyone willing to invest money instead of just sweet talking to the struggling Grand Bahamians will get a victory parade, albeit this was a bit premature. Politicians have themselves to blame not the voters.”

  • Aging Jobless

“Disgraceful that in this country with financial industry being the second largest after tourism that there is no consumer protection agency, office or representative to take your problem with the bank to get it resolved. Instead, you have to pay a lawyer to resolve it, and yinna wonder why the rich, big-shot bank is always right and everybody else wrong? Vex”

  • Upset Customer

“Vex to read there is another fire, this time alleged to be ‘arson’ according to the dailies; a fire in yet another illegal shantytown with unregulated building codes, decent water or electrical supply. Disappointed that after decades of political hot air, jargon and rent control criteria, government data indicates these settlements are growing, making a bad situation worse for both the inhabitants and its neighbours.”

  • Voting Block

“Vex at all the smokers. I hate them all. I would call myself a ‘smokist’. I’m murderously vex at these worthless, wannabee thugs who feel that the ultimate symbol of manliness is smoking, whether it’s cigarettes, Backwoods, or a joint. Not only are they destroying themselves in the stupidest way possible, but they’re also endangering everyone around them with their disgusting second-hand smoke. But my real anger lies with this government, which instead of banning smoking in all its forms from this country are too busy kissing would-be investors’ you-know-what.”

  • Bottled Air

“Vexing dat dis mussey the slowest set of authorities ‘cause if dey had checked the illegal shantytowns for building codes anybody can tell dat all the shantytowns with closely built structures are an immediate fire hazard, not only to its inhabitants but to surrounding legally built homes. Solve the problem now an not two weeks before next election.”

  • Observer

“I vex with crime so this is my gift to the PLP government – in order to make parents more accountable for their children joining gangs and committing crimes, first make parents responsible for kids attending schools. The government can implement a curfew for kids age 8-12, they must be home no later than 6pm; kids 12-16 to be home no later than 9pm.

If kids commit a crime by not being home in the time stated in the curfew then parents will also be held responsible and charged for neglecting their responsibility to enforce the law of preventing their kids to commit crimes and joins gangs. To prevent gangs, do not allow crowds gathering of more than five at public places unless they are given permission for social gathering. This will help prevent gangs from communicating in large gatherings. It is my sincere hope that this will be seriously considered to help the Bahamas make parents more responsible for their kids.”

– PS

“Vex. Two dead ducks with necks severed, two angel statues, hangman’s noose an cutlass found in bushes an people do not know what appears to have been going on, yinna joking if yinna can’t put two an two together an figure out what going on.”

  • Christian

“Muddoes, while statistics indicate that major crimes are down seven per cent, it can also be viewed that the authorities are yielding only a seven per cent success rate against serious crimes and as now revealed in daily on 19/7, not all crimes are available in the statistical report. Vex that the full picture is not told.”

  • Crime Victim

“Incredible reading in a daily newspaper on 7.19.2013 that there is another crime category termed ‘minor crimes’ which includes domestic disputes, loud noise reports, vagrants, littering, illegal dumping, assaults, causing harm of the simple variety, cases where I just hit you and its pain, causing harm to the extent that we cut a person or stab a person, or where flesh is cut and there is blood – all of those things we categorise as minor. Vex there are no statistical data.”

  • Crime Victim

“How come every country surrounding Haiti all jam up with illegal migrants and despite countless CARICOM meetings there is not a united front to do something about illegal migrants taking advantage of our porous borders to recolonise all the surrounding countries.”

  • Ghetto Consultant (unpaid)

“Embarrassed an vex that in days preceding independence celebrations it looks like almost all the 4,000 repossessed houses were advertised for sale, an it seems like afterwards the remaining homes were then advertised for sale by other banks who allowed a brief respite to customers to share a bit of independence happiness.”

  • Jungalist

“Bey, vexing come to find out that government have to blame themselves fer all these problems, cause when Fox Hill Prison overflowing it’s cause there are too many prisoners from too many crimes, as too many get bail to reduce the overcrowding. But those on bail, while out, commit even more crimes, plugging up the court system repeatedly, specially for accused murders, caused also by too few judges which is the result of too few dollars, caused in turn by little taxes being collected an other big expenses...you get the picture.”

  • Rocket Scientist

Why You Happy?

“Happy to see the Bimini fast ferry ship capable of bringing up to 1,600 visitors and happy about the planned twice daily visits getting permission to finally bring tourists to this small island of paradise in Bimini.”

  • Progress at last

“Happy that our nation can be developed into a research centre of stem cell cures for incurable diseases, however before this is done, a monitoring and legal system must be in place to prevent abuse such as cloning and use of cells from unborn babies. Related to this would be the ability of the authorities to control any illegal aspects of the licenced metals businesses, licenced numbers gambling business, licenced professionals allegedly doing abortions, licenced vehicles stolen and resold again, businesses operating without licences.”

  • Dis me now

“Happy to see that there is some success to get the delinquent government licenced vendors to pay up on the some $600,000 owed one year ago and now owing some $300,000, and statistically speaking by this time next year it will be repaid. Muddoes.”

  • Taxpayer

“Happy to hear that apart from illegal unlicensed businesses operating in illegal shantytown that there is also a small church.”

  • Piéce de Résistance

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