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Sarah Stubbs


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WHAT GOOD is an idea if it stays in your head? Bahamian entrepreneur Sarah Stubbs is proving the importance of this saying with her new and hip project “The Fusion Magazine”.

The new fashion publication centres around two concepts: The Jungalista and The Naturalista.

Out of all her past accomplishments, Sarah told Tribune Woman the magazine is one of the accomplishments she is most proud of.

“For so long I knew I had a wealth of obvious talent, fashion sense, great communication skills and knowledge, but I didn’t know what to do with it. None of my previous professions were making me 100 per cent happy. Well this does. I am loving this process right now, and it is truly what I love, everything about it,” said Sarah.

She said the idea behind the Fusion Magazine is to literally fuse two differing segments of the population together. It is to gain a common understanding and love for one another. Sarah said at first sight, people may believe the concept is merely fashion alone, but it goes much deeper.

“It is really a forum for readers to be able to learn and explore about people in their very own community, who they may not associate with frequently due to their biases. Biases can really shelter people in my opinion,” said Sarah.

There is a specific section in the magazine called Vital Life and Threads. In this section there are features on Bahamian Naturalista. Sarah said these are women who enjoy everything natural about their lives: natural hair, natural make-up, modest dress, natural whole foods, and an all around natural life-style.

The section called NP Trend Settas contains features on The Jungalista.

“These are women who love to have fun and party responsibly; they have bold colour schemes for hair, make-up and clothing, and they have an exuberantly loud style in general. We decided to develop these concepts, put them both into the publication and develop ‘The Fusion’, so we can closely critique the similarities and differences between the two segments,” said Sarah.

“I realised a long time ago that too often we as Bahamians, we as people, we as humans, judge too quickly based on the cover we see, whether it be in books or people. We are combining these two facets of society so those apart of them and those who are not a part of them can see they actually have a lot in common with each other, and better understand the decisions people make,” said Sarah.

When it comes to her profession, she loves interacting with people and fashion. “I love seeing what unique styles others have. I see people as muses now and their inner-self is expressed in their fashion choices sometimes,” she said.

While she has only been a fashion magazine editor for two months, Sarah said she has been a fashion analyst and magazine reader all her life.

Her educational background includes graduating from the College of Saint Benedict in 2005 with a Bachelor’s of Art’s in Management with a Minor in Communications. Since then, Sarah said she has been a co-owner, dog groomer and marketing manager for Stubsdale Dog Care Center.

“I believe sometimes life experience is enough. I have a lot to learn, but my drive and determination is very unique. I will never stop until I have what I want. I do not believe in continued unhappiness, there is no such thing. There is acceptance of such circumstances, but there is always a silver lining and a way out of it,” said Sarah.

Even with the challenges that may come with her job, Sarah said all in all, she enjoys being a good mother to two children, Elijah and Aaliyah.

The Fusion Magazine will be distributed quarterly. The first issue is set for publication on August 21, 2013.

Sarah said the magazine will be free for readers, available at high trafficked locations such as grocery stores, malls, hair salons, clinics, gas stations, coffee shops and more. She said there will also be issues published online at www.thefusionmagazine.wix.com/thefusionmagazine and the Fusion Magazine Facebook page.


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