Alumni Join Qc Effot To Raise Funds

QUEEN’S College alumni spent two days placing calls to other alumni and friends as part of a fundraising drive that was kicked off with a donation by Sir Durward Knowles.

Sir Durward, current chairman of the Queen’s College Foundation and graduate of the Class of 1934, encouraged alumni to give back and support the school, which he said has “provided us all with a superior education”.

“Through giving back we make it possible to preserve a great learning environment for other young persons,” he said.

The proceeds raised during the Queen’s College Phonathon will go towards the construction of a new eight-room classroom block for the high school.

This is an essential project according to the administration, as the school continues to grow, requiring more space for new students.

Raquel Wilson, president of the QCAA and graduate of the Class of 1999, expressed her pleasure at the response.

“This the first QC Phonathon; we are pleased that so many alumni have responded to the call to assist us in raising funds that will help a new generation of QC students and will help to continue the tradition of excellence at our great alma mater,” she said.

On behalf of the QCAA, Mrs Wilson thanked all alumni who supported the Phonathon. She said any alumni who wish to support this fundraising initiative can still contact the Queen’s College Foundation at 394-6389 for more information.

Mrs. Wilson also invited all alumni who may not have visited the school in some time, to come out to the school’s fair on Saturday March 9 at noon and visit the QCAA booth – where members will be happy to discuss future projects.


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