Blogging Business Exposes Passion For Music And Fashion


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FOR BAHAMIAN Toni Styles the Rhythm and Ruffle blog is like a public dairy. Through her writings, the world has an all access pass to Toni’s love for style and music.

Rhythm and Ruffle was birthed last March and has had a steady following ever since. The blog merges fashion and music, reflecting Toni’s personal style.

Rhythm and Ruffle is filled with tips, style profiles and an array of how-to articles, including “How To Become A Style Icon” and “How to Achieve A Goal”. Rhythm and Ruffle’s target audiences are female between the ages of 21-35, who want to be inspired “musically, aesthetically and personally,” said Toni.

The blog also aspires to be a top destination for discovering local and international female musicians and clothing brands for women.

“The primary focus of the blog is fashion and personal style, which may be reflected in either a creative collage or an outfit post. Once a week, I also highlight a music track by an emerging female artist that I admire,” said Toni. Additional posts include tips on personal and professional matters, with a focus on women, particularly those who work online, and style profiles, featuring stylish women from various backgrounds. Post also include updates regarding Toni’s personal life.

“The main reason I decided to start the blog, was simply to share my love for personal style and music in as creative a way as possible. I had no idea how massive and competitive the world of fashion blogging was and what opportunities were available,” she said.

The Internet is saturated with fashion blogs, and presenting content in way that is different from the thousands of other blogs is key to obtaining and maintaining a steady following. Toni said her blog is made different by confidence in the content she produces, and sticking to her guns when she has an opinion on something. Brainstorming ways of making Rhythm and Ruffle as original as she can is key to its success.

“Fashion blogs surprisingly, are not only about fabric, zippers and buttons; they are very much lifestyle blogs that are focused on the individual behind the blog. With other blogs, like a tech or gardening blog it is very straightforward. So to stand out, you have to somehow set yourself apart and the easiest and most successful way to do this, is to allow your unique personality to shine through,” she told Tribune Woman.

Toni is focused on generating more video content as she grows her platform. She also hopes to collaborate with a number of local fashion brands.

“The Bahamian entertainment landscape is growing every day. This makes me very happy. Particularly for the youngest generation of Bahamians, who will grow up with so much inspiration and confidence in their ability to build a career as an entertainer or artist of any discipline. As a Bahamian blogger, I can only hope that one day I will inspire another Bahamian to start a blog and create something that can become bigger than themselves,” she said.

Before she started Rhythm and Ruffle, Toni had a free blog called “Toni Fresh”. For some time Toni published posts related to her take on current trends, editorial spreads and her personal style.

Later on she purchased a domain and upgraded to a paid platform.

“The paid platform gives you the opportunity to build a business around your blog. At that time, I decided to combine my love for both music and fashion and this is how Rhythm and Ruffle came about,” she said.


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