Going Green To Find Answers

AT a time when natural resources are being depleted and non-communicable diseases are on the rise, more and more Bahamians are turning back to nature for the answers.

The Green Earth Festival has provided an outlet for nature lovers to learn more and access the things they need to improve their lifestyles.

This weekend, plans for the 2013 Green Earth Festival were set in stone when health food store New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Ltd officially took on the title of lead sponsor.

New Life and Seedling’s Place have teamed up to present the 2013 Green Earth Festival - “Living the Way Nature Intended” on Sunday, June 23, 2013 at Collins House from 10am to 6pm.

Scores of vendors will converge on the vast grounds of Collins House, with its trees and water attractions, to present a variety of goods and services that cater to those looking for vegetarian and vegan products, organic products, personal care goods, home decor and essentials and holistic approaches to the natural lifestyle.

“All of us need to rejuvenate ourselves. It’s a law of nature,” said Rhonda Wright of Seedling’s place.

“Our quality of life is being negatively impacted as a direct result of our environment, lack of rest, the foods we eat, and the imbalance caused by our inability to manage the stress and pressures of everyday life,” she added.

New Life Founder Jamaal Moncur and Partner Julian Smith signed their company on as a presenting sponsor on May 4.

The festival has been growing each year and is known regionally for bringing natural health and wellness supporters, organic products and local crafts and goods under one umbrella.


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