Meah Foundation Music Festival Postponed

The Meah Foundation has postponed its first Music Festival that was scheduled for Saturday, June 1.

Founder Tina Klonaris-Robinson said the bad weather forced the foundation to cancel the event temporarily but it will happen in a few weeks.

However, Mrs Klonaris Robinson said there will be video showing at Van Breugel's at 6pm on Saturday by a representative of A Touch of Life - am organisation dedicated to helping at-risk children all over the world.

Tina has pioneered the concept of story bracelets which connect stories and individuals in a more profound and tangible way. A handprint of the storyteller is impressed upon the bracelet along with a web link to the actual story.

Story bracelets are set to be introduced to school curriculums at three New Providence based schools.

Just as stories bring individuals together, The Meah Foundation is also intent upon connecting with other non-profit organisations to support each other on sustainable projects. Proceeds from the music festival will also be shared with The Bahamas Humane Society and The Bahamas Down Syndrome Association.


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