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MEMBERS of the Pure Purpose Network present “Daughters of Purpose”, a discussion forum and retreat on Friday and Saturday. Both events will be held at the New Providence Community Centre: The Dynamic Men’s Panel on Friday will begin at 7 pm and the Women and Teen’s Retreat will start at 11 am to 3 pm.

Pure Purpose Network is a faith-based network, comprised of Christian women, communities, organisations, ministries, and religious groups, united in serving Christ.

The members meet for the purpose of growing spiritually and networking with women all over the world. They provide a forum in which women can promote their ministries, exchange leads with one another, share personal experiences and successes in both business and life, seek opportunities for ministry, develop new business skills, and explore ways in which they can share their Christian testimony to the world.

Simone Gibson, founder and host of the Daughters of Purpose event, said she chose to feature a men’s panel because she would like to get the opinions of men when it comes to dating, courting, love and marriage, but doing it the Christian way.

“For me I have been involved in a few toxic relationships and I was doing things that I thought were right. After seeking council from persons wiser than myself, who have really impacted me, I wanted to know what to do and what not to do because you can’t figure this out by yourself. This walk is not one that you should be doing alone,” said Simone.

On a regular basis, Simone said she often had encounters with women who were going through tumultuous relationships.

“I have a lot of women who now come to me for advice, and it seems like a big strong hold on our women is men. We have forums where women get together and talk all the time but I don’t know if that is working, so I decided to do something a little bit different and the panel is so diverse. You have married men, divorced men, single men and one who is a virgin, they are all on the panel. I’m just excited to hear from them and hear what they bring. I think men and women can learn from something like this,” said Simone.

The Daughters of Purpose event has a lineup of local and international speakers for both days. The Friday session is open to men and women. Patrons can look forward to the men’s panel featuring Matthew Sweeting, Lyall Bethel, Cornelius Lindsey, Werner Gruner, Tyneil Cargil and Stacs Hepburn, followed by a powerful message from keynote speaker, Apostle Raymond Wells.
At the second event, there will be local and international speakers: Davrielle Burrows, Heather Lindsey, Kimberley Jones, Anastarcia Huyler, Kerel Pinder and Terry Ann Phillips.

“ These are people who have travelled and experienced things around the world. It was very intentional in choosing the diversity of the panel. What I like about these men and women too is the fact that they are very transparent. A lot of Christians, they tend to put on this goody-two-shoe image and they are so perfect, but you have to admit that you have made mistakes in the past. It is your mistakes and where God has brought you from that encourages others,” said Simone.

Her hope is for people to attend the events and leave with the message of learning what their purpose is in life.
“I believe that we have all been created for one thing, and that is to do something. A lot of us walk this earth each and every day not understanding the direction we are supposed to head in or what exactly it is that we are supposed to be doing. Our lives are so unfulfilled and you don’t feel complete or happy because you are not really pursuing your purpose, and I realise that now I am pursuing my purpose, and when I do it doesn’t feel like work. This is what I want people to understand,” said Simone.


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