Major Bimini Airport Upgrade Is Revealed

Resorts World Bimini has pledged that upgrades to the island’s airport will leave it behind only Sir Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) when it comes to technology and facilities

An Automatic Weather Observation Station; extended runway; hangers for private aircraft; aerodrome markings; and a lighting system for night flights are just some of the improvements planned for South Bimini’s airport.

The expansion and upgrade are part of Resorts World Bimini’s (RWB) master plan of development for the island chain. The Automatic Weather Observation Station (AWOS) has already been installed and certified by the Bahamas Meteorological Department. The system provides pilots and others with the actual weather on the ground and in the vicinity of the aerodrome, including prevailing wind direction and speed, wind gusts, visibilityand temperature.

“This new and improved airport will not only open Bimini to larger aircraft, but the availability of hangers for private jets will also attract high-end clientele to the islands,” said Resorts World Bimini’s president, Dana Leibovitz.

“The expansion is making Bimini that much more welcoming, both in terms of practicality and aesthetically. This can only bode well for the island’s tourism product and will help to further improve Bimini’s economy.”

Work is underway on the expansion of the South Bimini Airport’s runway from 5,400 feet to 6,000 feet in Phase 1 of the project to accommodate regional jets. The airport’s requirements for night flights are also 90 per cent complete.

Runway, taxiway and apron markings for night flight operations will commence within the next few weeks. Once given the green light, operators will be able to adjust arrival and departures times to include departures after sunset.

This will permit visitors and Biminites to plan longer day travel days, and will be essential in the event that emergency flights are needed after dark.

Renovations to the existing terminal building are ongoing, and the terminal’s layout is being modified to make it more functional. New windows and doors are being installed, and an extension of the Customs and Immigration halls is underway.

Pavers are being installed in front of the terminal building entrance, replacing the traditional asphalt surface. Irrigation of the areas surrounding the terminal building has also commenced.

This first phase of the beautification project begins in front of the terminal, continues along the main roadway and will eventually reach the ferry landing at South Bimini. The new airport will also feature food and beverage outlets and retail shopping stores.


BiminiHomeowner 5 years, 9 months ago

This is welcome news, but I'm sure somehow Resorts World Bimini will do some extraordinarily unnecessary damage to the environment in the process.

That seems to be their business model.


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