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Melisa Hall


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THROUGH a new monthly newsletter, Bahamian Melisa Hall imparts strategies to help women find their true purpose, create a wealthy life and become successful entrepreneurs.   

Mrs Hall started the WOMENpreneur’s Edge, a free e-coaching programme in the form of a newsletter, designed to inspire and empower women to find the path that leads to success. The newsletter features strategies, solutions and secrets for women to create, manage and protect wealth.

“I decided to start the newsletter for a number of reasons. I wanted to find an avenue where I can consistently empower women by sharing all of the information, insight, inspiration and innovative ideas I have gained throughout the years as an attorney, entrepreneur, leader, coach, wife and mother. Empowering women has always been a passion of mine and I always knew that my assignment was to help women fulfil purpose, discover their unique gifts, talents and abilities so that they can have true wealth and prosperity” she told Tribune Woman.

“I also wanted to connect with women and get my message across about the importance of protecting the wealth they build, taking control of their time and effectively managing their assets,” she said.

Mrs Hall started coaching in 2008 after hosting the Kingdom Women in Business Events, where she shared information with women on the legal aspects of entrepreneurship. Three years later she launched Distinctive Wealth Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs.  

The road to success was not easy for Mrs Hall because she had her own struggles as an entrepreneur. However, she repositioned herself and has reached the place where she is most satisfied.

“My life has radically transformed over the years. I have had so many ups and downs as an entrepreneur that I have come to the realisation of how important it is not only to position yourself to prosper but to appreciate things that matters most. As a mother and a wife I have had to question myself about what it was I was really working and living for. The birth of my 3-year-old daughter transformed me and I had to transition myself to work on the things that matters most and realign my life to lean not on my own understanding but to acknowledge the master in every area of my life.

As a corporate woman I find that we work so hard to achieve so much but end up losing out on so much more whether it is your marriage, children or simply peace of mind. I made a decision that I did not want that to be my lifestyle. I wanted my lifestyle to be one of distinction where I enjoyed success but enjoyed life as well.  I wanted balance and harmony and an increased spirituality. So I began exploring a number of things to get me in tune with my purpose and assignment so that I would be able to effectively empower,” she told Tribune Woman.

Mrs Hall emphasises that prosperity is not solely determined by material wealth, but is determined by a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wholeness.

“The women can benefit tremendously because of the wisdom they will gain about entrepreneurship and legal strategies on how to protect their wealth. One of the main things they will learn is that wealth is not just about money, whilst material things are an added benefit wealth is so much more than that. There is a scripture that says I pray that you may prosper in every way and that your body may keep well even as your soul keeps well and prospers.

“I believe that through entrepreneurship and the use of proper strategies women can fulfil purpose, have peace and prosperity. They will learn how important it is to take control of their time and how to use money as a tool so they can have the freedom to do the things they want. I believe that God has equipped me in the area of speaking to bring forth radical transformation to the mindset of women so that they embrace their power and maximize their value, worth and significance to make a difference in the marketplace,” she said.

Melisa Hall is the founder of Melisa Hall & Co. Law Chambers, Kingdom Women in Business (KWIB), Business Money Women (BMW) radio talk show and entertainment. 

She is also the general manager of the Bridge Authority and Minister Elect at Word of Life Kingdom Ministries. She is married to Minister Elect Cedric Hall and is a mother of three children: two boys CJ  Nathan and one daughter Justice Hall.


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