Three In Hospital After Early-Morning Shooting


Tribune Staff Reporter


A SHOOTING in the early hours of yesterday morning left three men in hospital and police on the hunt for the gunman.

The victims – ages 36, 28, and 18 –were standing in front of a Nichols Court home shortly after 1am when they were approached by occupants of a right-hand drive Nissan Premier.

The occupants fired several shots at them and then sped off, police say.

The victims were taken to hospital by a private vehicle where they are detained in stable condition for injuries received to the arm, hand, and knee.

The incident is currently under investigation and police appeal to anyone with information that can assist to contact them.

On Friday, a man was taking to hospital after he was stabbed in his back by another man who was known to him, during an argument.

The victim was at Allen Drive around 9:30pm when the incident occurred, police say. After the stabbing the suspect left the area in a white Nissan Altima and the victim was taken by a private vehicle to hospital where he is detained in stable condition.

Earlier that same day, a woman was robbed of her handbag by a man “armed with an unknown object”.

According to reports, the victim was at Harley Street around 11am when she was robbed of her handbag containing cash and other personnel items. The armed robber fled on foot.

Both incidents are under investigation and anyone with information is asked to contact police.


John 6 years, 9 months ago

With the police becoming more disgruntled about working twelve hour shifts, expect further breakdown in policing and more hostile interactions with the public. Maybe they need to go to a rotation shift were police work eight hours one week and then twelve the next week. Then the force can be on full alert during the holidays and in January reduce the time for the police band and fire branches to be on regular policing. But what really needs to happen while police are on the extended shifts is to get more persons who are on bail before the courts and have their case tried. Once persons see that the law does have teeth and persons charged with serious offences will go to jai land not be bopping around town with ankle bracelets.. they will curb their criminal appetite. Right now just harassing any young male on the streets is creating a bigger crime problem in years to come.. Many young men are staying off he streets to avoid confrontation with police officers, but some have jobs and other obligations that require them to move around. They should not be a constant target of police.


xtreme2x 6 years, 9 months ago

This is a good time for the government to create employment. Go in all the Islands and get the best and brightest young men/women and train the to be police officers. About 500 and that will end the 12 hour work shift.

Keep all train police officers on the front line...Hire private citizens to do desk/ office work


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