Pm To Be Keynote Speaker At Eleuthera Business Forum

THE second annual Eleuthera Business Outlook, the newest of the multi-island series, has been set for April 24 at Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina, South Eleuthera with Prime Minister Perry Christie as keynoter speaking on “Charting a Course for Growth in Eleuthera.”

“The theme for all our Business Outlook forums this year has been basically the same—a focus on stimulating economic growth after what seemed to be an entrenched recession, which slowed or put growth on hold in a number of areas,” said Ms Joan Albury, President of TCL Group and chief organiser of the Business Outlook Series.

“Growth has certainly been the government’s focus this year. It is important for Bahamians throughout the archipelago to hear directly from the country’s leader what government’s plan is for their community specifically and to be able to ask him questions. We are most grateful that Prime Minister Christie and a number of other strategically chosen speakers have agreed to join us in Eleuthera.”

Joining Mr Christie on the podium will be Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Sands, Jr, who will update the audience on the developments in Eleuthera since the last Business Outlook.

“We are fortunate to have the support of the Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce again this year and its dynamic president, Thomas Sands, who has a finger on the pulse of business and society on the island, especially in the south. This is a partnership we hold in high regard because it is so necessary to create the kind of cooperate efforts that will continue to energise the Eleuthera economy. It was, in fact, Mr Sands who invited TCL to bring the forum to his home island. He saw the value of the Business Outlook programme in pulling together the right players from key sectors to share the necessary information to drive things forward,” said Mrs Albury.

Completing the slate of speakers for the 2014 Eleuthera Business Outlook are: Christel Sands Feaste, partner, Higgs and Johnson, attorneys-at-law; Scott Gorsline, VP operations, Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina; James Malcolm, VP and managing director, Sand Piper Inn and Destination Schooner Bay Ltd; Juan Pulido, project manager at Cotton Bay Holding Ltd; Angela Cleare, founder, ABC Tours and Consulting Co; Christopher Maxey, founder and director, Cape Eleuthera Island School; Arinthia Komolafe, managing director, the Bahamas Development Bank, and Edrin Symonette, farmer and entrepreneur.


generalcrazy 6 years, 6 months ago

So instead of managing the country, he is just going around talking crap.


CANDACESCOTT 6 years, 6 months ago

LMAO...this is goodbye tour....BUSH DID IT WHEN HE WAS LEAVING OFFICE.


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