Exuma Advisory Council To Hold Second Meeting

Another meeting of the Exuma Advisory Council has been called by the island’s Chamber of Commerce next month, this time to be held at Sandals Emerald Bay.

Seeking to bolster unity and communication, Pedro Rolle, the Exuma Chamber of Commerce’s president, said the May 6 meeting, from 10am to 2pm, came about due to a clear demand from stakeholders.

“This is intended to be a thoughtfully chosen, intimate group designed to share plans, concerns and overall ideas about how to move forward and begin to work together for mutually beneficial growth plans in Exuma,” said Mr Rolle. “This meeting is the ‘second act’ in fulfilling our potential.”

The first gathering, held at Grand Isle Resort & Spa, was seen by the Chamber as a huge success, attracting a wide cross-section of investors, hoteliers and landowners from both the Bahamas and abroad.

The second meeting, at Sandals Emerald Bay, is intended to further galvanise support for a new and improved Exuma Chamber of Commerce.

Mr Rolle said the Chamber expects an update from the main hoteliers on the island, such as Grand Isle, Sandals, Turquoise Cay and Leaf Cay.

In particular, the Chamber has invited a comprehensive presentation by February Point, following numerous reports on its planned expansion in co-operation with the Government.

Mr Rolle added that he hopes more stakeholders in Exuma step up to the plate, as the business community makes a renewed effort for unity.

“We also plan on discussing the Exuma Advisory Council’s role on the island going forward, and how members can help us grow,” he explained.


ChuckF 6 years, 5 months ago

Welcome to Exuma; the island of crime. Mr Rolle will again assemble the crooked collective of despicable hoteliers that have abused and gamed the system to their own enormous gain at the expense of locals and investors. They have cleverly employed some of Nassaus most famously shady lawyers to take control of what is fast becoming the Bahamas favorite enclave of foreign white collar criminals. While he has them all together at this swanky resort, he should ask them about all the foreign investors with no titles. Is it just the Exuma way to leave such a large amount of people with no title indefinitely? He should inquire about all the stamp duties unpaid. Is it acceptable to never pay stamp duty if you are a developer? Is the Ministry of Finance incompetent? He should ask about the rampant coercion in the form of legal threats and private control of public works. The double selling of properties. The abuse of local employees. The continual breaching of contracts. The list goes on. The real truth is, the lack of law enforcement and clear incompetence of the government makes Exuma a prime location for extended criminal activity.


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