Venetian West Reveals Sustainable Model Homes

LUXURY gated community builder Venetian West is employing the use of sustainable materials in the construction of their 42-acre, $30m development in western New Providence.

The development’s use of innovative construction technology, including light gauge steel and Hebel panelling, provides many benefits for buyers such as lower maintenance costs, fire resistance, mould and termite resistance, extreme weather resistance, high acoustic absorbing properties and insulation, which assists in improving energy ratings and lowering energy costs.

“Using steel as a building material instead of wood helps in conserving forest resources and makes steel a favourable green building solution,” Glen Deegan, Venetian West’s Steel Frame Detailer, said. Mr Deegan, who has more

than 12 years experience in the industry, added “When compared to wood, steel is a stronger and lighter building material. It is also termite and fire proof and has greater resistance against extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, which makes it ideal for this market.”

Mr Deegan is an expert in all aspects of the Scottsdale Steel System process from the design stage to factory production and ultimately assembly at the construction site.

Steel framing materials contain on average more than 60 per cent recycled material. Its environmental benefits extend from the construction site to the homeowner. Building with steel framing instead of wood translates to

minimal waste during construction, reducing construction disposal costs and diverting waste material from local landfills.

Steel also helps maintain good indoor air quality by resisting mould spores that can lead to chronic illness. The resins, adhesives and chemicals typically used for wood construction are also eliminated, making steel-framed buildings ideal for individuals who are susceptible to asthma as they are exposed to fewer toxins.

In addition to sustainable steel framing, Venetian West construction features Hebel panelling - a high performance, lightweight concrete building system with environmental benefits that outweigh those of concrete and brick. Compared to other traditional building masonry materials includingbrick, Hebel has the lowest carbon footprint.

According to Good Environment Choice Australia, Hebel was found to use signifcantly less embodied energy and less greenhouse gas emissions than the comparative products, concrete and brick veneer.

Perhaps the most long term, cost-effective benefit of Hebel panels and blocks to homeowners is its built-in insulation which assists with improving energy rating. “For Venetian West home owners, the thermal efficiencies of Hebel help to reduce the reliance on cooling appliances which has a big cost-saving impact on rising energy costs,” Mr Deegan said.

Phase one of the development near Old Fort Bay features 211 condominiums and town houses with four options for buyers to choose from. Prices currently start at $239,000 but are set to increase on August 11.


karrie 4 years, 1 month ago

Steel over wood in construction? Sure! But is there enough steel in this world to cover the current construction demands? So many people today are interested in building sustainable homes, it's great that this happens, on a large scale this will definitely have a less dramatic effect on the environment. For example you can reduce energy consume by lighting your home with a http://www.solar-fit.com/sun-tunnel/">suntunnel. It so interesting and appealing for many of us. Let hope that these sustainable plans will get even bigger and better in the future.


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